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Our branch of the family is based in northern New Zealand, specifically Houhora (north of Kaitaia). This area's main features are the Houhora Harbour and Mt.Camel and the Ninety Mile Beach.All the original family members came from the one Victorian family member who travelled over to New Zealand in his youth to follow his relatives, the Subritzkys.

He subsequently married into the family then returned Maldon in to Australia where he used hid engineering training to make a life. His wife, however, pined for her homeland and eventually when her father died and the property was to be sold, she convinced her husband to travel back and buy the property and settle there. As a result of the coming and going several of their children were born in Australia and several in New Zealand.

The Subritzkys had meanwhile built quite an empire in the north and have multiplied to spread all over the country and beyond. The Wageners who remained in Victoria have their own stories; the younger brother of our great-great went on to become the head of the CIB in the Victorian Police force...

Thus the extended WAGENER family is considered to be quite large and were among the first settlers in both Victoria, Australia and in New Zealand, and in these later times many family members have returned to live in Australia.

Kauri Tree
Kauris and Gum

Geocaching with Boof