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This file contains data about the various WAGENER families traced in New Zealand. In most of the case we have identified these families derive from the one man who came from Maldon in Victoria, Australia. He married into the SUBRITZKY family and had several children, and those children begat a million more and nowadays they seem to outnumber the original Maldon ancestors. Corrections and input would very much be appreciated.
Since much of the data shown relates to families in Northland (NZ) such as SUBRITZKY, EVANS and BENISTON, there will be many cases where the files link away as the need arises. Please ensure that when you email us that you quote the file name as it is becoming difficult to find buried details...

Family Tree Names

Sullivan, Arthur John Hector To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Barbara To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Carrie Anne (1980-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Katherine Joan (Kathy) (20 MAY 1954-)
Sullivan, Claire Elizabeth (26 DEC 1985-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Colleen Marie (16 JUL 1976-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Len To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Lisa Margaret (1984-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Paul Robert To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Pierre (28 SEP 1969-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Raymond Patrick (1945-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Rhea Mareana (21 AUG 1980-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Thomas To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Troy To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Wayne Edward (31 JAN 1952-) To BENISTON file.
Sullivan, Wayne Michael (1977-) To BENISTON file.

Thomas, Albert (Bert) (3 SEP 1893-) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Alfred Edward (Alf) (27 JAN 1889-15 JUN 1915) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Anita-Jane Edrica (1990-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Thomas, Arthur Rawson (8 DEC 1882-) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Edward To EVANS file.
Thomas, Edward (1804-3 MAR 1884) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Ernest Deeble (Ernie) (1905-) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Frank (30 OCT 1880-1939) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Harold (ABT 1914-27 FEB 1973) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Harold Tahana (22 JUL 1891-) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Ivy Hazeldene Gilden (Hazel) (2 JAN 1896-3 DEC 1988) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Jabez Edward (1831-29 JUN 1953) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Jaycee Rongonawahine (1989-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Thomas, Jodiah (ABT 1852-) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Joidah Edward (9 SEP 1856-1953) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Joidah Fenton (9 SEP 1898-) To EVANS file.
Thomas, Kaycee Erima (1985-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Thomas, Lanara Louise (2000-) To BENISTON file.
Thomas, Lawrence To BENISTON file.
Thomas, Lillian Woodley (16 DEC 1885-12 JUL 1974)
Thomas, Maud Alice (3 SEP 1878-1974) To BENISTON file.
Thomas, Paul Wetini To SUBRITZKY file.
Thomas, Rhonda To BENISTON file.
Thomas, Rodney To BENISTON file.
Thomas, Taylor Jessie (1998-) To EVANS file.
Thomas, William Alfred (Will) (15 NOV 1876-2 FEB 1917) To EVANS file.

Thomet, Alice (LIVING)

Thorburn, Dorothy Millicent
Timperley, Diane Lori (1956-)
Timperley, Helen Clair (1957-)
Timperley, Vernon Thomas
Tocker, Joyce Clare
Tocker, Mary
Todd, Bruce
Todd, Emily
Todd, James
Todd, Karen
Tomlinson, Mary Ann (1853-20 AUG 1918)
Travis, Cushla
Treadwell, Joanne Helen (1972-)
Treadwell, Peter
Treadwell, Vivienne Jean (1975-)
Tristram, Daphne Minnie Violet
Tristram, father
Turner, Nancy
Twentyman, Andrew James (1967-)
Twentyman, Iain Robert (1964-)
Twentyman, Jane Alison (1968-)
Twentyman, Janet Deidre (1961-)
Twentyman, Jean Dickson (1941-)
Twentyman, Owen Dickson (1933-)
Twentyman, William
Twentyman, William Dickson (1925-)

Truetsch, Anna
Tripp, Dorothy
Tripp, Muriel
Tripp, Wilfred
Tynan, Elsie Mabel (28 DEC 1898-14 DEC 1975) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, Evelyn (1900-) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, Gary John To BENISTON file.
Tynan, James Ludolf (Jim) (23 JUN 1890-9 JAN 1939) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, James Magee (17 DEC 1855-14 OCT 1933) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) (31 MAR 1887-27 AUG 1960) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, Maud Eva (Doris) (18 APR 1891-4 SEP 1960) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, Thelma Joyce (26 OCT 1929-) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, Walter Dacre (19 AUG 1901-2 APR 1981) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, William John (Kelly) (13 JUL 1897-16 JUL 1962) To BENISTON file.
Tynan, William John (Kelly) (13 JUL 1897-16 JUL 1962)
Tynan, Doris
Tynan, James (Jim)
Tynan, James Magee (17 DEC 1856-14 OCT 1933)
Tynan, Maud
Tynan, William John (Kelly) (1893-16 JUL 1962)
Urwin, Alice
Urwin, Frank
Wagener, Ailsa Mary * (1934-)
Wagener, Albert Edward (5 AUG 1914-2004)
Wagener, Albert Ulysses (Bert 'Possum') (24 OCT 1887-21 NOV 1982)
Wagener, Alexander Dean Paul (1998-)
Wagener, Alice Ida (28 SEP 1911-19 FEB 2005)
Wagener, Allan Royxxx (1948-)
Wagener, Amelia Clara (2 APR 1879-)
Wagener, Angelica Rose (1992-)
Wagener, Augustus
Wagener, Augustus Julius Henry (21 OCT 1844-1889)
Wagener, Beryl Daphne Moira (6 JUL 1915-)
Wagener, Betsy
Wagener, Brendan (1985-)
Wagener, Brett Anthony (1973-)
Wagener, Brian Arthur (1922-)
Wagener, Caleb
Wagener, Cayne Shannon (1976-)
Wagener, Cecile (2001-)
Wagener, Charmaine Louise (1994-)
Wagener, Cheryl Joanne (1980-)
Wagener, Clinton Michael (1981-)
Wagener, Clive Melville (1928-)
Wagener, Colin
Wagener, Courtney Chanel (1993)
Wagener, Craig Douglas
Wagener, Daniel Isaac (1998-)
Wagener, Danielle
Wagener, David Leslie (7 JUN 1952-26 JUL 1994)
Wagener, Dominic (1995-)
Wagener, Doris Elise Wilhelmina (5 FEB 1882-1958)
Wagener, Dorothy
Wagener, Dylan
Wagener, Edward Basil Bernard (Bas) (23 AUG 1919-10 MAR 1990)
Wagener, Edward Ferdinand (1834-17 SEP 1908)
Wagener, Eleanor Sophie Doris (Lena) (25 MAY 1868-1961)
Wagener, Elsie Augusta Maria (21 MAR 1884-1973)
Wagener, Eric John (1946-)
Wagener, Ewan Warwick (1988-)
Wagener, Felicity Doreen (1973-)
Wagener, Frederick Edward Augustus (Edward) (6 JUN 1862-20 JUL 1944)
Wagener, Frederick Ferdinand (27 SEP 1884-7 OCT 1960)
Wagener, Frederick Henry Ferdinand (Fred) (1865-)
Wagener, Frieda
Wagener, Gail Dianne (1982-)
Wagener, Garry Lance
Wagener, Garth William (18 DEC 1943-2002)
Wagener, Gary Albert (1958-)
Wagener, Geoffrey Michael (1975-)
Wagener, Grace
Wagener, Graeme Neville
Wagener, Graeme Phillip Bernard (1970-)
Wagener, Grahame William (1952-)
Wagener, Harold Bernard (Hally) (30 JAN 1886-8 SEP 1965)
Wagener, Harold Delwyn (23 NOV 1914-23 NOV 1914)
Wagener, Herbert (Bert)
Wagener, James (Jim)
Wagener, Jane Marie (1985-)
Wagener, Janice Marie (1941-)
Wagener, Jason Ross (1982-)
Wagener, Jeffrey
Wagener, Jeffrey Michael (1957-)
Wagener, Jennifer Mary (1978-)
Wagener, Jennifer Rose (Jen) (1981-)
Wagener, Jesse Wilfred (1996-)
Wagener, Jessica
Wagener, Jillian Sharon (1970-)
Wagener, Jimi
Wagener, Joanne
Wagener, Johann Heinrich Martinus (ABT 1820-)
Wagener, John Henry Benjamin (Ben) (21 JUL 1886-3 DEC 1962)
Wagener, John Henry Martin (Jack) (6 JAN 1883-)
Wagener, Jonathan (28 SEP 1992-)
Wagener, Julian
Wagener, Julie Lynette (1981-)
Wagener, Kane
Wagener, Karen Elizabeth (1978-)
Wagener, Karl
Wagener, Keith Albert (1949-)
Wagener, Kenneth Ross (Ross) (1954-)
Wagener, Kenneth Scott (1977-)
Wagener, Kyle Robert (1975-)
Wagener, Lloyd Graham (1960-)
Wagener, Loren Howley (1995-)
Wagener, Louis Gustavus Henry (1864-1868)
Wagener, Louisa Maria Henrietta (Weza) (17 NOV 1878-1968) To SUBRITZKY file.
Wagener, Louise Lillian (1951-)
Wagener, Lynn Jeanette (1954-)
Wagener, Mark Wilfred (1973-)
Wagener, Martha (13 APR 1881-1882)
Wagener, Martin
Wagener, Maud Winifred (21 FEB 1890-14 SEP 1981) To EVANS file.
Wagener, Melissa Leonie (1982-)
Wagener, Merle Hylma Eleida (1924-)
Wagener, Michael Grant (1979-)
Wagener, Murray Alva (1954-)
Wagener, Natalie Clare (1983-)
Wagener, Neil Jeffrey (1969-)
Wagener, Neville
Wagener, Norman George (1948-)
Wagener, Norman John (1949-)
Wagener, Owen Wilfred (1944-)
Wagener, Pamela (1947-)
Wagener, Pamela
Wagener, Patricia Elizabeth (Patty) (1956-)
Wagener, Percy Melville (5 OCT 1891-23 JAN 1969)
Wagener, Peter Wilfred (1968-)
Wagener, Petra Lesley (1971-)
Wagener, Phillip (1948-)
Wagener, Richard Alfred (Dick) (1931-)
Wagener, Richard Norman (1969-)
Wagener, Robert James (19 SEP 1886-)
Wagener, Robert William (1980-)
Wagener, Rodney Michael (1958-)
Wagener, Roma
Wagener, Roy Desmond (17 FEB 1924-13 Feb 2010) (Picture, profile)
Wagener, Russell Brian (1948-)
Wagener, Ruvé Maree (1956-)
Wagener, Sharon Ann (1961-)
Wagener, Sheree Estelle (1978-)
Wagener, Sophie Irene (1994-)
Wagener, Stephanie Michelle (1991-)
Wagener, Stephen George
Wagener, Stephen Gregory (1962-)
Wagener, Steven Desmond (1969-)
Wagener, Summer
Wagener, Susan Rosemary (1952-)
Wagener, Terence Albert (1938-)
Wagener, Tony Murray (1980-)
Wagener, Trevor Allan (1976-)
Wagener, Valma Louiza (Val) (10 APR 1913-)
Wagener, Victoria Susan
Wagener, Warren Eric (1960-)
Wagener, Wilfred Ernest (Wilf) (19 AUG 1916-22 MAY 1990)
Wagener, Wilfred Ernest (12 AUG 1893-3 JUL 1916) NOTES
Wagener, Willam Alfred (Bill) (24 MAY 1920-)
Wagener, William (Bill)
Wagener, William George (Bill) (12 AUG 1884-)
Wagener, William Henry (Bill)

Wagener, Harold Basil Bernard (Hally) (30 JAN 1886-8 SEP 1965)

Waldron, Carla
Waldron, Grant
Waldron, Len (-1951)
Waldron, Lucy
Waldron, Lynne
Waldron, Monica
Waldron, Ross
Waldron, Samuel
Waldron, Stephanie
Waldron, William John
Waldron, William Maxwell
Wallwork, Tina
Wallwork-Wagener, Loren Hayley (27 JUN 1995-)
Walters, David Warren (Davey) (7 AUG 1984-)
Walters, Gareth Donald (20 OCT 1981-)
Walters, Paul Martin (27 AUG 1980-)
Walters, Warren Martin (16 OCT 1952-)
Wasmer, Lina (5 FEB 1919-)
Wehinger, Linus (LIVING)
Wehinger, Manuela (FEB 1968-)
Westphal, Anna Sophia Elizabeth (1831-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Carl Christian Johann (twin) (1838-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Carolina Catharina Sophia (1827-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Caspar Heinrich Christian [98] (1801-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Christoph Jurgen (18 MAR 1778-24 MAY 1841) To NELSON file.
Westphal, Dorothea Louisa Christiana (1834-1834) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Elizabeth Dorothea (16 OCT 1814-) To NELSON file.
Westphal, Hans Friedrich (-1805)
Westphal, Heinrich Daniel Kaspar (1843-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Joachim Ernest (ABT 1751-) To NELSON file.
Westphal, Louise Johanne Henriette (1835-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Marie Christina Sophia [31] (29 FEB 1824-30 NOV 1897) To SUBRITZKY file.
Westphal, Sophia Maria Anna (twin) (1838-) To SUBRITZKY file.
White, Eva To EVANS file.
Wider, Anton
Williams, Jayden David (1998-)
Williams, Kerri Jane Rima (20 FEB 2000-)
Williams, W.
Williams, William (-19 NOV 1927)
Williams, unknown
Williamson, Helen
Willis, Earl
Willis, Glen James (JAN 1989-)
Willis, Jenny Ottley
Willis, Russell (MAR 1992-)
Willis, Troy Lawrence (MAR 1986-)
Wilson, Maud
Woodley, Maria
Woodley, unknown
Woodward, Alice
Wüthrich, Astrid (LIVING)
Wyss, Agath
York, Robert
Zehnder, Alfred
Zehnder, Barbara
Zehnder, Eduard
Zehnder, Eduard (-15 MAR 1905)
Zehnder, Emma Theresia (27 FEB 1897-23 DEC 1980)
Zehnder, Jules
Zehnder, Marcel
Zubritzky, Dorothy Maria (23 OCT 1859-5 AUG 1937)
Zubritzky, Heinrich Wilhelm (18 MAY 1828-24 JUN 1909)
Zubritzky, Henrietta Isabella (1863-11 MAY 1935)
Zubritzky, Johann Anton
Zubritzky, Johann Anton (28 JUL 1830-9 OCT 1912)
Zubritzky, John Henry (1852-1931)
Zubritzky, Louisa Bertha (23 SEP 1856-19 AUG 1935)
Zubritzky, Ludolf Johann Heinrich (11 FEB 1825-4 JUL 1884)
Zubritzky, Reinhold (1784-24 JUN 1833)
Zubritzky, Sophia Doris (4 MAY 1851-9 MAY 1910)
Zubritzky, Sophia Louisa Henrietta (1847-18 NOV 1876)
Zubritzky, Sophie Margaretha Dorothea (15 JUL 1818-)
Zubritzky, Wilhelmina Henrietta Sophie (16 SEP 1846-22 NOV 1889)
Zubrzycki, Isodor (1765-)
Zundel, Theresia Maria (20 MAY 1856-10 APR 1944)
Zurkinden, Anna Barbara
Zurkinden, Maria Anna
Zurkinden, Presumed common parent