This file contains data about the various WAGENER families traced in New Zealand. In most of the cases we have identified these families derive from the one man who came from Maldon in Victoria, Australia. He married into the SUBRITZKY family and had several children, and those children begat a million more and nowadays they seem to outnumber the original Maldon ancestors. Corrections and input would very much be appreciated. More historical information can be found here
Since much of the data shown relates to families in Northland (NZ) such as SUBRITZKY, EVANS and MASTERS, there will be many cases where the files link away as the need arises.
Be aware that there will be errors and omissions in these records due to the fact that the data has been drawn from diverse sources. If you find such an error, PLEASE tell us so that we can correct it as soon as possible.

Family Tree Names

Flinn, Doreen Annie (16 AUG 1915-)
Flynn, Loma
Fricker, Christian
Fricker, Susanne
Gallagher, George (-20 MAR 1927) [1699] To EVANS file.
Gallagher, Hazel (30 APR 1910-) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Irene (7 APR 1917-) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Jack To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Judith (Judy) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Keith To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Lil (20 OCT 1912-) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Lionel Oswald (1907-1982) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Mabel (Babe) (3 APR 1919-) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Maime (Molly) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Mona (3 JUL 1915-) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Olive (6 APR 1914-) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Pamela (Pam) To BENISTON file.
Gallagher, Violet (Bub) (16 JUL 1911-) To BENISTON file.
Gardiner, Anna Matilda (ABT 1789-22 AUG 1815)
Gardiner, Simon

Gee, Iris
Gee, Norrie
Gee, Ron
Gee, William
Gilbert, unknown
Gilman, Alice May (1880-1940)
Gilman, Arthur Charles
Gilman, Joseph Charles (1884-1968)
Glaesner, Katharina (LIVING)  
Gleeson, Brian
Gleeson, Colin
Gleeson, David
Gleeson, David
Gleeson, Donald
Gleeson, Donna
Gleeson, Evon Cherie (12 MAR 1967-)
Gleeson, Janine (sp)
Gleeson, June Winifred (15 AUG 1947-)
Gleeson, Latetia
Gleeson, Martin
Gleeson, Martin
Gleeson, Max
Gleeson, May
Gleeson, Natasha
Gleeson, Raymond
Gleeson, Rosalie
Gleeson, Sara
Gleeson, Shosanna
Gould, Joan
Grayson, Gladys To EVANS file.
Grossrieder, Peter
Hall, Aaron James (31 AUG 1974-) To BENISTON file.
Hall, Abigail Dorothy (Abby) (3 JUL 1977-) To BENISTON file.
Hall, Albert To BENISTON file.
Hall, Anthony M. To BENISTON file.
Hall, Anthony Steven Richard (17 NOV 1977-5 JUL 2000) To CAMPBELL file.
Hall, Brett Graham To BENISTON file.
Hall, Deana To BENISTON file.
Hall, Donald Douglas Phillip To CAMPBELL file.
Hall, Grant Anthony To BENISTON file.
Hall, Joan To CAMPBELL file.
Hall, Justin Albert (10 FEB 1972-) To BENISTON file.
Hall, Loma Vera May To CAMPBELL file.
Hall, Margaret (1871-1950) To CAMPBELL file.
Hall, Nicholas Rodney (14 FEB 1981-) To BENISTON file.
Hall, Noreen
Hall, Rodney Keith (17 NOV 1944-) To BENISTON file.
Hall, Steven Neil To BENISTON file.
Hall, Steven Richard To CAMPBELL file.
Hall, Steven Richard To CAMPBELL file.
Hall, Thomas To BENISTON file.
Hall, unknown To BENISTON file.
Hall, Wayne To CAMPBELL file.
The HARRIS family is geographically spread over much of Northland. We believe that many of the names shown here connect, even though we do not have any confirming details. If YOU have additional information we would very much like to hear from you...
Harris, Adah Lillian (3 FEB 1897-26 DEC 1993) To FREAR file.
Harris, Alfred Alan To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Angela To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Anna (28 JUN 1991-) To BENISTON file.
Harris, Archer To BENISTON file.
Harris, David To BENISTON file.
Harris, Dolly Paremo To BENISTON file.
Harris, Edward Charles Burchell To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Francis To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, Fred To BENISTON file.
Harris, Gordon Stevenson To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Graham (3 JUL 1958-) To BENISTON file.
Harris, Graham
Harris, Harriet Mary To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Herbert To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Herbert Charles (15 AUG 1867-18 JAN 1947) To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Jennifer To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, John Alexander (12 JAN 1976-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, Johnson To FREAR file.
Harris, Johnson Henry (John) (1876-) To FREAR file.
Harris, Joseph Owen To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Josephine Mabel Rose (25 MAY 1943-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, June (15 JUN 1955-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, Karen Elizabeth (5 DEC 1949-) To BENISTON file.
Harris, Marion (18 MAY 1960-) To BENISTON file.
Harris, Maiti Alexander (7 SEP 1985-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, Malcolm To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, Martin Alexander (21 MAR 1979-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, Nicola (6 JUL 1987-) To BENISTON file.
Harris, Noel Trevor To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, R.
Harris, Rachel To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Rex To BENISTON file.
Harris, Rhonda Pauline
Harris, Robert Hugh To CAMPBELL file.
Harris, Rona To FREAR file.
Harris, Ronald Alexander (12 JUN 1978-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Harris, Rose (-7 SEP 1914) To BENISTON file.
Harris, Shane To BENISTON file.
Harrop, Les
Hart, Allister Charles (PRESUMED LIVING-) To BENISTON file.
Hart, David Charles To CAMPBELL file.
Hart, Douglas Lionel To CAMPBELL file.
Hart, K.
Hart, Mary To SANDERSON file.
Hart, Melanie Ann (PRESUMED LIVING-) To BENISTON file.
Hart, Melissa Louise (PRESUMED LIVING-) To CAMPBELL file.
Hart, Murray Thomas (PRESUMED LIVING-) To BENISTON file.
Hart, Stan To BENISTON file.
Hauser, Elsbeth Maria (LIVING)  
Hauser, Franz Maria (LIVING)  
Hauser, Hans
Hauser, Irene Johanna (LIVING)  
Hauser, Isabelle
Hauser, Jacob Johann (LIVING)  
Hauser, Johann August
Hauser, Johann Jakob (26 NOV 1907-12 JUN 1981)
Hauser, Marcel (LIVING)
Hauser, Maria
Hauser, Silvia Margrit (LIVING)  
Hauser, Ursula Berta (LIVING)  
Hayoz, Elizabeth (LIVING)
Hoare, Agnes Emma (30 JUL 1869-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Alice Helen (5 SEP 1861-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Charlotte (5 AUG 1859-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Eliza Ann (29 NOV 1865-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Elizabeth (Betsy) (12 JAN 1835-5 FEB 1900) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Emily Jane (18 NOV 1867-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Emma (1846-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Esther Louisa Abigail (1850-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Henry (5 NOV 1838-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, James (1809-10 JAN 1893) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, James Edward (26 JUN 1872-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, John Rapid (7 NOV 1836-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Lydia Elizabeth (27 MAY 1863-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Mary Ann (1831-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Phillis (1841-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Thomas To SUBRITZKY file.
Hoare, Thomas James (8 NOV 1857-) To SUBRITZKY file.
Holdener, Jolanda
Holdener, Josef
Holdener, Roland
Holdener, Thomas
Holdener, Ursula
Holland, Robert (Bob)
Hollenstein, Rosina Maria (7 OCT 1894-1974)  
Howell, Elizabeth [384] To EVANS file.

Working in WAGENER file.

Howlett, Charles Raymond To BENISTON file.
Howlett, Jennifer Sally (Sally) (LIVING)
Huber, Klara
Huerst, Anita
Huerst, Gottfried
Huerst, Karin
Huerst, Reto
Hug, Fredy (LIVING)  
Hutchings, Mabel Louiza (17 FEB 1884-18 APR 1959) [103]
Isted, Janet
Isted, John
Isted, Linda Beryl (14 FEB 1957-)
Isted, Valerie
James, Edna
Jeckelmann, Anna
Jecklin, Elisabeth (8 APR 1878-13 JUN 1935)
Jecklin, Rudolf (2 DEC 1850-4 APR 1905)  
Jendly, Elisabeth (ABT 1774-) 
Jendly, Jacob
Jerard, Duane Geoffrey
Jerard, Leon Kenneth
Jerard, Leonard
Jones, Athol
Jung, Josef
Kaeser, Arnold (LIVING) 
Kaeser, Arnold 
Kaeser, Felix (LIVING)  
Kaeser, Hans (LIVING)  
Kaeser, Peter (1931-) 
Kaeser, Rösli (LIVING)  
Kaihea, Mele (Mary)
Kalkus, Ludwig 
Keighley, Susan (27 APR 1955-)
Keighley, Neville
Keller, Margrit
Kennedy, Alyssa Courtney (14 MAR 1996-)
Kennedy, David Mitchell (30 OCT 1997-)
Kennedy, Nikita Cherelle (6 NOV 1994-)
Kennedy, Zane Garrick
Kewer, Frances May
Kingdon, Susan
Kircy, Earnest
Kite, Bayley Marisse To CAMPBELL file.
Kite, David To CAMPBELL file.
Kite, Douglas
Kite, Dylan James (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Kite, Elwyn
Kite, Hayley Susan (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Kite, Ila
Kite, Jana Ngaromutu Willmot To CAMPBELL file.
Kite, Jim
Kite, Lawrence
Kite, Noelinee.
Kite, Ona
Kite, Phillip
Kite, Reegan May Ngaromutu To CAMPBELL file.
Kite, Rory James Phillips (12 MAY 1989-28 SEP 1990) To CAMPBELL file.
Kite, Sedleigh
Kite, Stanley James (19 JUL 1961-) To BENISTON file.
Kite, Walter
Kite, Wilton
Klaus, Albin (LIVING)  
Klaus, Albin (21 DEC 1895-) 
Klaus, Anna Maria (1) 
Klaus, Anna Maria (1) 
Klaus, Anna Maria (2) 
Klaus, Anna Maria (3) (24 JUN 1862-) 
Klaus, Anni (LIVING)
Klaus, Arnold
Klaus, Barbara (24 MAY 1774-)
Klaus, Bernadette (LIVING)  
Klaus, Bruno (1948-21 MAR 1997)
Klaus, Bruno (LIVING)  
Klaus, Claire (LIVING)  
Klaus, Claudia (LIVING)  
Klaus, Eduard (LIVING)
Klaus, Eduard (7 JUN 1894-)
Klaus, Elisabeth
Klaus, Elisabeth (6 MAR 1776-)
Klaus, Elisabeth (25 APR 1897-)
Klaus, Emmeli (LIVING)  
Klaus, Erika (LIVING)
Klaus, Ernest (LIVING)  
Klaus, Felix (LIVING)  
Klaus, Felix (-BEF 2002)  
Klaus, Franz Niklaus 
Klaus, Gritli (LIVING)  
Klaus, Hildegard (LIVING)  
Klaus, Hugo (LIVING)  
Klaus, Ignaz (LIVING)  
Klaus, Jakob 
Klaus, Johann (LIVING)  
Klaus, Johann Baptist
Klaus, Johann Niklaus
Klaus, Johann Niklaus
Klaus, Josef (LIVING)  
Klaus, Josef Bürge (28 JAN 1926-DEC 1997)  
Klaus, Joseph (21 JAN 1892-1966)
Klaus, Joseph
Klaus, Leo (4 DEC 1890-14 FEB 1950)  
Klaus, Leo (26 JAN 1914-)
Klaus, Lotti
Klaus, Margrit (LIVING)  
Klaus, Maria (24 NOV 1860-) 
Klaus, Maria Anna
Klaus, Maria Anna (2)
Klaus, Maria Catharina
Klaus, Marie 
Klaus, Marie-Theres (LIVING)  
Klaus, Matilde (LIVING)  
Klaus, Niklaus (1)
Klaus, Niklaus (2)
Klaus, Pauline (LIVING)  
Klaus, Peter (LIVING)
Klaus, Peter (LIVING )
Klaus, Peter (1770-)
Klaus, Peter (-BEF 1996)  
Klaus, Regina (LIVING)  
Klaus, René (LIVING )  
Klaus, Rosa
Klaus, Rosemarie (LIVING)  
Klaus, Theophil (7 JUN 1894-)
Klaus, Theres (LIVING)  
Klaus, Viktor (1948-) 
Körber, Johann Friedrich Heinrich (8 MAR 1795-1 JAN 1798)
Körber, Johann Heinrich Reinhold (1825-)
Körber, Johann Heinrich Samuel (1794-)
Körber, Johann Karl Joseph (1828-)
Körber, Johann Martin (-BEF 1817)
Körber, Sophie Elisabeth (23 APR 1798-11 APR 1875)
Kramer, Otto
Krattinger, Albin (LIVING)
Lamb, Alexander M. To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Alfred Henry (1919-7 FEB 1929)  
Lamb, Alfred James (23 AUG 1894-)
Lamb, Audrey
Lamb, Bronwyn H. To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Colin
Lamb, Dennis
Lamb, Douglas C. To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Edith (Edie)
Lamb, Elizabeth
Lamb, Elsie
Lamb, Florence (Florrie) (-24 APR 1956)
Lamb, George
Lamb, Henry (ABT 1820-)
Lamb, Henry James (25 OCT 1853-14 APR 1939)  
Lamb, Henry William (Harry) (1889-14 NOV 1978)  
Lamb, Janelle E. To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Leslie Joel (Joe)
Lamb, Lydia Chadwick
Lamb, Margaret
Lamb, Maud Lily
Lamb, Melanie T. To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Noel
Lamb, Peter S. To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Robert W. To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Shirley
Lamb, Stuart A To CAMPBELL file.
Lamb, Terence (Terry)
Lander, June
Latimour, Wendy
Lawson, Flora
Ledermann, Hans (LIVING)
Lee, Angela (LIVING)
Lee, Giles (21 OCT 1914-23 MAR 1992)
Lee, Mariana (LIVING)
Lester, Bettina
Leyland, Ambler (JUN 1854-)
Leyland, Anne (12 FEB 1946-)
Leyland, Arther (ABT 1860-)
Leyland, Clive (ABT 1869-)
Leyland, Colleen Rae (6 AUG 1951-)
Leyland, Colleen Rae (1951-) To MASTERS file.
Leyland, Craig Jason (22 MAR 1971-)
Leyland, Edith M (ABT 1864-)
Leyland, Edward (ABT 1829-8 FEB 1891)
Leyland, Edward Ludolph (Lu) (13 MAR 1880-31 DEC 1942)
Leyland, Francis Alexander (ABT 1792-)
Leyland, Francise (ABT 1861-)
Leyland, Frank J (ABT 1857-)
Leyland, John Ambler (MAR 1888-)
Leyland, John Edward (ABT 1852-8 FEB 1880)
Leyland, John Edward (Jack) (1904-15 MAY 1969)
Leyland, John Henry (ABT 1827-)
Leyland, Keith (23 SEP 1941-)
Leyland, Luke Swallow (ABT 1830-)
Leyland, Nichole Patricia (7 NOV 1968-)
Leyland, Philip Hughes (DEC 1856-16 DEC 1959)
Leyland, Susanna (ABT 1855-)
Leyland, Wilfred Godwin (7 JAN 1867-9 JAN 1950)
Leyland, William Riley (MAR 1853-)
Liechti, Hilde (LIVING)
Lockley, Ethel
Lockley, Harold (Harry)
Lockley, Henry
Lockley, Irene
Lockley, Isabella
Lockley, Marion
Lockley, Muriel
Lockley, Norman
Lockley, Ruby
Lockley, Samuel
Lockley, Walter
Lockley, father
Mander, Abraham (16 MAY 1822-3 SEP 1905)  
Mander, Ada (20 JAN 1889-)
Mander, Albert Thomas (30 DEC 1888-17 OCT 1978)
Mander, Alfred John (ABT 1862-25 AUG 1938)  
Mander, Ambrose Lee (12 AUG 1858-22 FEB 1921)  
Mander, Amelia (7 SEP 1845-) 
Mander, Amelia Ellen (3 SEP 1893-13 JUL 1979)
Mander, Amy Violet (1886-)
Mander, Andrew (ABT 1853-17 JAN 1939)  
Mander, Andrew John (12 NOV 1885-27 FEB 1963)
Mander, Anne (Annie) Gertrude (1884-)
Mander, Bertha Cordelia Anne Jackson (1904-)
Mander, Blanche Anne Jackson (1903-)
Mander, Blanche Eileen May (8 DEC 1913-5 MAY 1993)
Mander, Caleb Ross (23 AUG 1886-1929)
Mander, Carrie Emily (1880-20 FEB 1949)
Mander, Charles William (1874-)
Mander, Clara Anne (4 DEC 1895-17 DEC 1984)
Mander, Claude Maurice (1906-)
Mander, Constance Fanny (1877-) 
Mander, Cyril Edgar (24 MAR 1894-)
Mander, Edith Evaline (11 JAN 1917-)
Mander, Edward (1875-) 
Mander, Elizabeth (8 JUN 1850-22 AUG 1923)
Mander, Elizabeth
Mander, Elizabeth Roskill (1887-)
Mander, Ellen (ABT 1856-) 
Mander, Ellen Elizabeth (1881-)
Mander, Elsie (16 OCT 1887-)
Mander, Elsie Linda Maude (1904-)
Mander, Emily Jane (ABT 1867-10 JUL 1941)  
Mander, Emma (1850-13 JUN 1866)  
Mander, Ernest Adolphus (29 OCT 1890-27 JUL 1981)
Mander, Ernest Arthur (ABT 1878-) 
Mander, Ethel May (18 MAY 1880-1885)
Mander, Florence Edith (1898-)
Mander, Florice May (8 AUG 1902-21 NOV 1932)
Mander, Francis (5 DEC 1848-27 AUG 1942)
Mander, Francis Herbert (Bert) (1878-1941)
Mander, Frank Waterland (1880-)
Mander, Frederick George (1905-)
Mander, George (1896-)
Mander, George (1817-1873)  
Mander, George (ABT 1864-) 
Mander, George Thomas James (1909-)
Mander, George Waterland (1883-)
Mander, Gertrude (19 MAR 1884-1946)
Mander, Gertrude Ellen (ABT 1878-)
Mander, Guy Jeffery (1890-)
Mander, Harriet (ABT 1834-) 
Mander, Helen Elsie Wood (1910-)
Mander, Herbert Frank (1901-)
Mander, Herbert Frank (ABT 1871-)
Mander, Herbert Frank (1896-)
Mander, Herbert Hiorns (1903-)
Mander, Howard Waterland (1870-)
Mander, Isaac (ABT 1831-1882)  
Mander, Jacob (ABT 1859-) 
Mander, Jacob
Mander, Jacob (ABT 1837-) 
Mander, Jacob Leslie (1889-)
Mander, Jacob Leslie (1884-)
Mander, James (1789-14 OCT 1867)  
Mander, James (ABT 1863-) 
Mander, James (29 JAN 1820-14 MAR 1881)  
Mander, James Samuel
Mander, James Samuel (Samuel) (ABT 1894-)
Mander, James Stanley Neilson (1909-)
Mander, James William (ABT 1862-) 
Mander, Jane (ABT 1824-10 AUG 1905)  
Mander, Jeanne Nesbitt (1889-)
Mander, John
Mander, John Alexander (1887-)
Mander, John Hiorns (1895-)
Mander, John Hiorns (ABT 1856-27 AUG 1911)  
Mander, John Jordan (1802-) 
Mander, John Jordan (21 MAR 1847-) 
Mander, John Lewis Charles (1899-)
Mander, Kathleen Adams (1901-)
Mander, Kathleen Mary (1871-)
Mander, Lionel John (1892-)
Mander, Mabel Anna (1877-)
Mander, Marianne (ABT 1829-1882)  
Mander, Mary Jane (9 APR 1877-21 DEC 1949)
Mander, Mary Jane (ABT SEP 1843-) 
Mander, Melville John (1900-)
Mander, Merrial Violet (1873-)
Mander, Merrial Winifred (1892-)
Mander, Minnie (13 APR 1890-)
Mander, Muriel Doris (1 DEC 1907-1974)
Mander, Muriel Irene (28 JUL 1916-5 JAN 2007)
Mander, Nanette Hester (4 SEP 1882-6 JUN 1951)
Mander, Owen Thomas (19 MAY 1920-)
Mander, Phyllis
Mander, Raymond Leslie
Mander, Robert James (1891-)
Mander, Rose Emma (ABT 1843-BEF 1916)  
Mander, Rosemary
Mander, Russell
Mander, Sam Sidney Smith (ABT 1868-) 
Mander, Sarah Ann (14 SEP 1853-23 APR 1878)
Mander, Sarah Annie Belle (1906-)
Mander, Selina (9 APR 1882-)
Mander, Stanley Augustus
Mander, William (ABT 1854-1923)  
Mander, William
Mander, William Edmund (20 FEB 1842-) 
Mander, William Ernest Edmund (1880-)
Mander, William George (1892-)
Mander, William Henry Ambrose (10 SEP 1887-30 MAY 1972)
Mander, Winifred Alice (1901-)
Manga, Mereana
Maria, Alfred Walter (1890-1901) To FREAR file.
Maria, Amy To BENISTON file.
Maria, Barry Lionel (Barry) To BENISTON file.
Maria, Dennis Gordon (twin) (1926-)> To BENISTON file.
Maria, Doreen Elva (29 JUL 1916-18 DEC 1985) > To BENISTON file.
Maria, Gaylene To BENISTON file.
Maria, Gwenith Irene (Gwen) (1930-)
Maria, Hector (Hec) To BENISTON file.
Maria, Horace Clifford Malcolm (Cliff) (ABT 1908-10 JAN 1984) > To BENISTON file.
Maria, Joseph Albert (1876-26 JUN 1948) To FREAR file.
Maria, Josiah Alexander (5 AUG 1883-20 DEC 1952> To BENISTON file.
Maria, Joy> To BENISTON file.
Maria, June Ilma (1925-)> To BENISTON file.
Maria, Kay To BENISTON file.
Maria, Kenneth Lindsay (twin) (1926-)> To BENISTON file.
Maria, Lois Gwendolyn (1922-)> To BENISTON file.
Maria, Lorna Merle (1912-)> To BENISTON file.
Maria, Mary Florence (16 SEP 1879-8 MAR 1961) To FREAR file.
Maria, Nelson To BENISTON file.
Maria, Neil Allanby (1919-1998) > To BENISTON file.
Maria, Nicholas (1850-2 OCT 1923) To FREAR file.
Maria, Nigel To BENISTON file.
Maria, Noeline Ann (Noeline) (1937-)> To BENISTON file.
Maria, Ona To BENISTON file.
Maria, Sara Elizabeth (30 NOV 1975-14 MAR 1976) > To BENISTON file.
Maria, Susan Beatrice (1886-1971) To FREAR file.
Maria, Sybella Frances (Sibyl) (13 OCT 1879-8 JUL 1970) To FREAR file.
Maria, Trevor Oswald (1911-1999) > To BENISTON file.
Maria, William Henry (Bill) (1881-1951) To FREAR file.
Martin, Marion (24 DEC 1831-1909)
Marty, Alexandra
Marty, Dominik
Marty, Dominik
Marty, Evelyn
Marty, Yvonne
Mason, Georgia
Mason, John
Mason, Karley
Mason, Wanda
Masters, Florence
Matthews, Robert Noble Herbert (1839-1881)
McAlpine, M.
McCarthy, Mary Ann
McDonald, Ian
McDonald, Jeena (1972-)
McDonald, Jillian
McDonald, Joy
McDonald, June Heather (Heather)
McDonald, Lesieli (Lesley)
McDonald, Lynette
McDonald, Robert (Bob)
Meier, Maria Karoline
Meuwly, Marie
Michel, Robert (LIVING)
Mills, Len
Minton, D.
Moffat, Andrew
Moffat, Christine Isabella
Moffat, Noel
Moffat, Treana
Moffat, Wilfred (Bill)
Moodie, Craig To BENISTON file.
Moodie, Kendall (19 SEP 1989-) To BENISTON file.
Moody, Linda Joyce (10 OCT 1950-)
Moodie, Rachel (16 SEP 1987-) To BENISTON file.
Moore, Blanche Dora (Dolly) (9 MAR 1877-30 JUL 1966)
Moore, Henry Edwin (14 MAR 1881-)
Moore, Henry Lovell William (1843-11 JAN 1884)
Moore, Susannah Alice (24 NOV 1878-9 MAR 1940)
Moore, William Alan (16 MAY 1884-)
Moses, Anthony (Tony)
Moses, Cynthia
Moses, Paul
Moses, Sharlene
Moyé, Martha (-1966)
Mueller, Daniela
Mueller, Hans
Mueller, Petra
Muggeridge, Esme Ugina (1906-)
Nakayama, Heidi (LIVING)
Nakayama, Ike (LIVING)
Nakayama, Ike (LIVING)
Narciso, Lilliane (LIVING)
Nattrass, Anthony Stephen (Stephen) (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Brad Cody (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Carl Mitchell (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Carmen Lee (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Danelle Loree (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Jacqueline Maria (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Joelle Keely (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, John Gibson (24 JAN 1945-7 OCT 1946) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, John Gibson (Jack) (29 SEP 1916-) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Kenneth Stephen (Stephen) (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Kirk Daniel (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Peter Hillary (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Phillip (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Renee Erica (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Robert Eric (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Teneale Serene (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Tina Maree (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Trent (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nattrass, Vaughan Lyall (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Nelson, Annie
Nelson, Elsie
Nelson, Evelyn To BENISTON file.
Nelson, Fred (-1942)
Nelson, Margaret
Nelson, Nola Gladys To BENISTON file.
Nelson, Rita To BENISTON file.
Nelson, Ted
Nelson, Winifred Mary
Newby, Brian
Niederhäuser, Susy (LIVING)
Norris, Alice
Norris, Alice Elizabeth (18 JUN 1871-3 NOV 1957) To STANAWAY file. 
Norris, Alice Mary (26 SEP 1909-30 MAY 1856) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Alma Hale (16 APR 1913-5 JUN 1983) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Amelia Annie (28 FEB 1892-11 NOV 1972) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Benjamin (Ben) To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Davis To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Emily Frances (7 JUN 1887-28 MAY 1967) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Florence Hannah (2 JUN 1911-1988) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Francis (5 NOV 1847-26 NOV 1913) To STANAWAY file. 
Norris, Francis John (6 FEB 1873-24 MAR 1874) To STANAWAY file. 
Norris, Frieda Lena Kate (1894-13 OCT 1963) To FERGUSON file.
Norris, George  To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Gertrude To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Given To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Grace To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Harold (Harry) To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Ike To BENISTON file.
Norris, Jason To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Jim To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Jim To WAGENER file.
Norris, Jimmy To WAGENER file.
Norris, John To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Julia Jane (23 JUL 1885-15 FEB 1941) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Kate Florence (27 FEB 1881-22 SEP 1944) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Lois (15 MAY 1877-16 JUL 1910) To STANAWAY file. 
Norris, Lynda Marie (17 APR 1958-) To BENISTON file.
Norris, Mary (28 OCT 1874-25 JUL 1937) To STANAWAY file. 
Norris, Mervyn To WAGENER file.
Norris, Millicent (Millie) To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Richard Percival (31 MAY 1883-9 MAY 1953) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Shontell To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Wesley (13 NOV 1889-22 NOV 1949) To STANAWAY file.
Norris, Winifred To FERGUSON file.
Norris, Winnifred Kathleen To BENISTON file.
Norrish, A.
Oldenburg, Catherine Elisabeth
Onion, Elizabeth (Beth)
Onion, Jack
Osborne, Albert James To BENISTON file.
Osborn, Albert William To BENISTON file.
Osborne, Michael To FREAR file.
Osborne, Rose Victoria (25 DEC 1901-1998)
Page, Aidan Peter (31 MAR 1993-) To BENISTON file.
Page, Aimee Cherie (24 SEP 1996-)
Page, Alfred regory (Greg)
Page, Andrew Douglas (3 JUL 1991-)
Page, Annie Marie (4 AUG 1856-)
Page, Barbara To CAMPBELL file.
Page, Barbara Joan (13 OCT 1929-13 OCT 1984) To CAMPBELL file.
Page, Charlene Mary (13 SEP 1985-)
Page, Dennis To BENISTON file.
Page, Doug
Page, G. To NELSON file.
Page, Graeme Robert (17 MAR 1942-)
Page, Graham To CAMPBELL file.
Page, Henry To CAMPBELL file.
Page, Leanne
Page, Logan Gregory (18 APR 1996-) To BENISTON file.
Page, Joshua Vincent(31 DEC 1990-) To BENISTON file.
Page, Matthew Gregory (10 OCT 1998-)
Page, Parent
Page, Robert Marshall (24 DEC 1987-)
Page, Raymond To CAMPBELL file.
Page, Susann Clarine (31 MAY 1961-) To CAMPBELL file.
Parsons, Frederick (1890-1961)
Pennalligen, Charles Albert Edward (1888-1962) To BENISTON file.
Pennalligen, Joan Isabella Russell (24 AUG 1923-)
Perkinson, Carol Ann (1 DEC 1958-)
Pester, Annie Maria
Pester, Mary Elizabeth
Pester, Thomas Edward (Edward)
Pfund, Max
Plath, Dorothea Elisabeth
Plath, Joachim
Poffet, Marie (-1998)
Prebble, Carol
Prebble, George
Prebble, Richard
Prior, Aaron David
Prior, Alison
Prior, Anita
Prior, Daniel Rex Morris
Prior, David
Prior, Evelyn
Prior, Geoffrey
Prior, Isaac Roger
Prior, Jennifer
Prior, Kevin
Prior, Leonard (Len)
Prior, Leslie George
Prior, Linda
Prior, Mel Frederick
Prior, Oswald Archibal
Prior, Rex
Prior, Todd Brian
Prior, Wesley Leonard
Purce, Eleanor Rosemary (Rosemary) (22 MAR 1923-)
Quelch, Betty Louise (13 OCT 1925-1960) To BENISTON file.
Quelch, Dawn Winifred (9 APR 1937-) To BENISTON file.
Quelch, James Archer (17 AUG 1900-16 JAN 1989) To BENISTON file.
Quelch, Laurel Rose (28 OCT 1923-) To BENISTON file.
Quelch, William James To BENISTON file.
Quilter, Beverley Susan (22 NOV 1950-)
Quilter, father
Raju, Anita Devi
Raju, Ishwa
Rawson, Eliza (1832-)
Reinsberger, Franz (LIVING)
Roberts, Chris To EVANS file.
Roberts, Christopher (1875-1925) To EVANS file.
Roberts, Frederick Harold (1903-1975) To EVANS file.
Roberts, Hugh (1977-) To EVANS file.
Roberts, Jan To EVANS file.
Roberts, Nicholas (1975-) To EVANS file.
Roberts, Stephen Henry (15 FEB 1901-1971) To EVANS file.
Rodriguez-Osal, Yolanda (LIVING)
Roggo, Maria
Rolfe, David James
Rolfe, Katheryn Jane
Rolfe, Unknown
Rosenfeldt, Lloyd Raymond To BENISTON file.
Rosenfeldt, Susan Mary (LIVING)
Rosso, Rita
Rowe, Bernard (Bernie)
Rowley, Ellen (LIVING)
Sarteur, Anna
Scheuermeister, Carlo (LIVING)
Schmutz, Hubert (LIVING)
Schwartzkopf, Eleanor
Seymour, Albert Edwin To BENISTON file.
Seymour, Janice Fiona
Seymour, Joseph To BENISTON file.
Seymour, Josie Pauline (1929-) To BENISTON file.
Seymour, Noeline Olive (LIVING)
Seymour, Patrick (1930-) To BENISTON file.
Seymour, Yvonne Fay (LIVING)
Sharp, Adrienne
Shoebridge, Erin James (Erin) (LIVING)
Shoebridge, Liam Bradley James (LIVING)
Shoebridge, Elijah Terry Warren (LIVING)
Smith, Alan Lewin (1908-) To FERGUSON file.
Smith, Arthur William (21 MAY 1871-) To FERGUSON file.
Smith, Daisy Colina (31 MAY 1890-18 MAY 1962)
Smith, Elsie
Smith, Harold Gordon (Gordon) (7 JAN 1898-) To FERGUSON file.
Smith, John Edward ('Johnnie') (3 FEB 1865-21 JUL 1953) To SUBRITZKY file.
Smith, Mary Jane (abt 1852-30 DEC 1893) To SUBRITZKY file.

Smith, Talbot

New below

Smith, Grig
Smith, Hannah (1869-)
Smith, Hugh Roger (1898-1964)
Smith, Joy
Smith, Judith
Smith, Kathleen Iris (Binkie)
Smith, Lawrence Spencer (Rennie)
Smith, Lynette
Smith, Marilyn
Smith, Marion (1867-)
Smith, Maureen Edna (1935-)
Smith, Melva Irene (1906-)
Smith, Muriel Ida (1896-14 AUG 1899)
Smith, Murray
Smith, Nolene
Smith, Pamela Elizabeth (1936-)
Smith, Peter John Lewin
Smith, Reginald
Smith, Richard Arthur Thomas (Dick) (ABT 1881-16 APR 1973)
Smith, Shona

Solentaler, Gottfrid
Solentaler, Gottfrid
Sonderer, Franz
Sonderer, Jakob
Sonderer, Jakob (Jacques)
Sonderer, Karl
Sonderer, Klara
Sonderer, Maria
Sonderer, Paul
Spanhake, Ada Maria (DEC 1875-23 FEB 1954) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Albert John Allen Morgan (Allie) (1912-19 MAY 1987) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Allan (1947-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Amelia Doris Elizabeth (21 APR 1872-6 OCT 1946) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake (Flood), Angela Elizabeth (1980-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Anna Louise Helene (22 FEB 1825-12 FEB 1828) To SPANHAKE file. 
Spanhake, Anne To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Anne Lucie Catharine Dorothea (29 DEC 1814-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Arnold Wilford (30 AUG 1876-30 APR 1942) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Arthur Morris (Buddy Cain) (10 NOV 1911-1951) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Audrey (1966-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Brendant Peter (1978-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Brett (1958-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Casey (1982-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Catharina Margaretha (13 DEC 1804-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Catharine Marie Elise (11 APR 1830-) To SPANHAKE file. 
Spanhake, Cecil (Chippie) (1917-9 OCT 1948) To BENISTON file.
Spanhake, Christina Inez (14 AUG 1901-1903) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Christopher John (1954-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Claire (2002-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Clifford (13 JUN 1975-12 FEB 1995) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Clint (1978-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Colin Earle (1923-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Craig Andrew (1981-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Cynthia Margaret (1925-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Dale (1957-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Diedrich Christian (15 JAN 1833-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Donald James (1985-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Doris (12 JUL 1913-30 DEC 1976) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Dorothea Sophia Marie (13 NOV 1816-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Eileen Alice (Topsy) (31 OCT 1914-21 MAR 1973) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Eileen Charlotte (16 AUG 1911-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Elaine (1956-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Ermia June (1924-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Esther Alma (14 SEP 1899-4 DEC 1959) To BENISTON file.
Spanhake, Fay Olwyn (5 SEP 1924-MAR 1999) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Freda Leila (Fresia) (8 JUN 1927-31 JAN 1991) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Frederick George (15 OCT 1929-31 MAY 1989) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Frederick Ludolf (19 DEC 1871-28 OCT 1933) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Gabrielle Emma (1969-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Gary (1946-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Gary James (Gary) (6 AUG 1948-11 FEB 1964) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Gavin (1976-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Georgina Sylvia (2 SEP 1919-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Grant (1959-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Haidee (1973-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Harvey Rex (1921-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Herman (-BEF 1802) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Herman Frederick (Tom) (28 SEP 1902-15 SEP 1976) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Herman Friedrick (11 NOV 1822-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Iain Michael (1980-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Jason (1970-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Jeremy (1980-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Jeremy Donald (1955-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Joan (1920-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Jody (1972-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Johann (OCT 1772-) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Johann Herman Frederick (1 MAY 1820-19 MAR 1885) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Johann Hermann (18 JUL 1802-21 FEB 1803) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Johann Hermann (2) (27 MAR 1807-5 APR 1807) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, John Frederick (John) (1951-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, John Henry (William) (16 SEP 1846-17 JAN 1921) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Judith Christine (1951-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Kane (1976-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Keith (1969-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Keith (1949-1954) -) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Kenneth Roy (1922-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Kerry Joy Morgan (17 JUN 1945-10 OCT 1975) -) To SPANHAKE file. 
Spanhake, Laura Sophia Maria (1873-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Leigh (1946-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Leon (1972-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Lillian Mary (16 AUG 1917-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Linda (1988-)-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Lonaye-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Louisa Sophia Doris (1844-25 DEC 1899) -)
Spanhake, Lynn (1952-1954) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Marie Jean (1931-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Marilyn Mercia Morgan (1944-) To BENISTON file. 
Spanhake, Michael Anna (1991-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Michael Edward (1948-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Muriel Jean (1926-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Natalie (1999-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Neil (1955-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Nellie Allison (25 JUL 1909-7 MAY 1968) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Nicola Gay (1986-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Nicole Marie (1981-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Noel Varley (Jim) (24 DEC 1919-17 AUG 1991) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Olive Doreen (13 JUN 1907-11 JAN 1991) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Otto Frederick Rudolf (1842-20 JAN 1843) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Patricia To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Paul (1986-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Pearly Annis (4 APR 1901-1978) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Peter Bryan (Peter) (1958-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Peter Dale (Dale) (1949-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Rachelle (1970-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Ricky (6 AUG 1970-12 FEB 1995) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Robert Hermann (1932-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Roslyn Morgan To BENISTON file.  
Spanhake, Rowland (5 NOV 1879-8 NOV 1941) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Ruby Amelia (9 OCT 1917-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Samantha Joy (1988-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Sandra To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Sharon Lesley (Sharon) (1961-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Shaun (2003-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Sophie Catharine Meta (7 OCT 1827-17 MAR 1834) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Sydney Lawrence (4 SEP 1882-21 JUL 1955) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Tammy Maree (1974-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Thelma (24 FEB 1919-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Thomas Donald (Don) (15 MAR 1926-23 NOV 1977) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Varley Howard (14 JAN 1897-31 MAR 1976) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Vera May (24 JAN 1906-4 AUG 1984) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Vicki (1953-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Warren Arthur (Warren) (1954-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Wilhelm Christoph Johann (16 MAY 1836-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Wilhelmina (Minnie) (12 DEC 1880-8 SEP 1964) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, William Ernest (Bill) (1949-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, William Henry (Harry) (12 MAY 1878-30 APR 1902) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, William Henry Rowland (28 APR 1916-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Wilbert Horace (1910-4 JUL 1946) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, William Lawrence (2 OCT 1915-5 JUL 1986) To SPANHAKE file.
Spanhake, Zara Jane (1989-) To SPANHAKE file.
Spicher, Alfonse (LIVING)
Stadelmann, Agathe (LIVING)
Standish, Walter
Stanton, Alice (1885-9 JUN 1967) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Allan Todd (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Allen David (1947-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Barry George (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Brian James (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Bridget Theresa (SEP 1991-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Bridgette Anne (1974-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Catherine Anne To BENISTON file.
Steed, Catherine Isabella (26 JUN 1920-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Colin Graham (1968-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Craig Alexander (1962-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, David Edward (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Edna Rose (28 SEP 1915-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Erika Maree (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Gary John (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Georgina Michelle (1967-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Gregory Mark (1960-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Heather Kim (1967-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Ian William (1959-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Jason To BENISTON file.
Steed, Jean Mabel Winifred (20 SEP 1913-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, John Edward (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Judith Ann (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Kevin George (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Kiri Lyn (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Kirsha Lee (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Kylie (1975-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Ludolf William (1 MAR 1912-2 APR 1992) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Lyvonne Anne (1968-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Matthew (1852-1916)   To BENISTON file.
Steed, Matthew Ludolph (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Michael Rex (1949-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Michelle Irma (1972-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Moira Ann To BENISTON file.
Steed, Monica (1973-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Narissa Jade (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Nassah John (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Nicholas Joseph (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Percy Arthur (15 MAR 1917-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Phillip Edward Delwyn (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Rachel Anne (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Raewyn Dawn (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Richard (1976-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Richard Duncan (18 AUG 1944-7 JUL 1987) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Robert Brian (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Rupert Ian (15 NOV 1922-5 AUG 1973) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Sari Leah (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Shay Phillip (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steed, Susan (1970-) To BENISTON file.
Steed, William John (12 MAY 1883-1963) To BENISTON file.
Steed, William John (LIVING) To BENISTON file.
Steiger, Margrit (LIVING)
Steinicke, Anna Catharina (-3 DEC 1800)
Stembridge, Eda
Stembridge, George
Stembridge, Ira
Stembridge, Melva
Stembridge, William
Stephens, Les
Stimpson, Gladys Rhoda (LIVING)
Stott, Margaret
Struyken, Patrick (1978-)
Struyken, Roger (LIVING)