This is a collection of stories about pioneer families and happenings, plus a few other items deemed likely to be of interest. Each of these is also accessible from within the appropriate genealogy file as well as from the books or ships section. These stories are about real people, real deeds, and real conditions we would be horrified to meet today...

Rose Ann Shepherd Rose Ann Shepherd managed thirteen children in a dwelling that started life as the stump of a large kauri tree.
Johanna James McRae Johanna was member of one of the Scots families who left Nova Scotia for the much milder climate of Waipu, just south of Whangarei in New Zealand's north.
Mary McLeod Mary's story begins back in Scotland when her new husband Rev. Norman McLeod found his aspirations blocked by conservatism and so took his family and followers to Nova Scotia in the Americas. Reports of the much gentler climate of Australasia eventually seduced the group to build ships for themselves and move south to settle in Waipu on New Zealand's North Island.
The Knott Family Graham Witt of Adelaide has pieced together much of the story of the Knott family who came out from England to settle in South Australia. He cautions that his work is a 'work in progress' but nevertheless he has some remarkable material.
Eleanor Kathleen Coates Eleanor was a city girl who found herself living in a remote part of the Kaipara Harbour when she married Edward Coates. This is the story of how she coped and ruled her family with firm kindness. One of her sons went on to become a Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Mrs Margaret Bullians of Mangapai When Margaret Bullians died in Whangarei in her 92nd year there was a story to tell. This is the story of how when her mother died in Scotland she travelled with her father and two brothers to the wilds of Mangapai, near Whangarei in New Zealand.
Storm at Oamaru Oamaru is about 80km north of Dunedin's Port Chalmers and had no natural harbour for many years after settlement. As a consequence ships anchored in the 'roadstead' and lighters transferred goods and passengers back and forth. This is the story of what can happen when sailing vessels find themselves on what they call a lee shore.
Phyllis Burrows Phil was brought up 'on the Kaipara' where her family struggled to make a success of a small dairy holding. She tells of the cummunities that lived along the winding arms of the harbour, where the easiest way to travel was via small skiff...
Thomas Ball, J.P. Thomas Ball led a group of settlers from his native Lincolnshire to the scrubby wilds of the Far North of New Zealand, then went on to become a member of Parliament.
Hannah Chiffinch Hare Hannah left her well-to-do circumstances in London to travel to far off New Zealand. There she married the Weslayan missionary Thomas Skinner and lived an entire life as a missionary's wife until her settlement was sacked and burned by a Maori war party. Later, when her husband died, leaving her with an enormous family and no means of support, she accepted an offer by Joseph Hare and took on his own eleven children before giving birth to 5 more!
The 'Boyd' Massacre This is the story of what happened to the ship when it called into New Zealand's Whangaroa Harbour to obtain kauri spars.
Earthquake! One man's heartbreaking description of how it happened, and how much it cost him...
The Matthews family to Townsville Tracing one family from Cornwall to North Queensland.
The Tokoiti cemetery in Milton, Otago Investigations of the earliest cemetery of the town of Milton, south of Dunedin.
The Deadliest Fishing Trip Tragedy on the Whangape bar in 1907
Guardian Angels Do YOU have a Guardian Angel looking after YOU?
The Whales of Whangaruru Catching whales on the east coast of Northland, NZ
Kite fishing in New Zealand On the Ninety Mile Beach on Aupouri Peninsula, Northland, NZ
Bougainville island revisited; Bougainville Island is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and for many years had an operating copper/gold mine operated by Bougainville Copper Ltd. This article describes returning to the mine to remove critical material before discussions about reopening the mine.
Moas on Mt. Camel Moas were very large ground birds that once roamed much of New Zealand. On the Aupouri Peninsula at the tip of the North Island you can still find their eggshells.
The Burning of the Omar Pasha Returning immigrant vessels took colonial produce back with them as they sailed around Cape Horn, up the South American coast and to thir home port. In those times there were no radios, and so when something went wrong they were on their own...