These cemetery records have been derived from genealogies and not by actual visit.
Collected and collated by Alan Wagener
Actual headstone data;  Data from other sources

  Surname: Burger First names: Albert Born: 21 Mar 1893 At: Penshurst, VIC Died: 10 Apr 1895 At: Penshurst, VIC Age: 2 Buried: Tabor, VIC Comments: Child of Andreas & Pauline Burger

  Surname: Presser First names: August
Genealogy Born: 10 Dec 1864 At: Allansford, VIC Died: 2 May 1937 At: Penshurst, VIC Age: 73 Buried: Tabor, VIC Comments: Spouse of Marie Sophie née Burger
  Surname: Presser First names: Edwin Reinhold
Genealogy Born: 1 May 1897 At: Wal Wal, VIC Died: 2 Feb 1970 At: Tabor, VIC Age: 73 Buried: Tabor, VIC Comments: Spouse of Ella Presser née Rentsch
  Surname: Presser née Rentsch First names: Ella Pauline
Genealogy Born: abt 1899 At: Died: 15 Jul 1931 At: Tabor, VIC Age: 32 Buried: Tabor, VIC Comments: Wife of Edwin Reinhold Presser
  Surname: Presser née Burger First names: Marie Sophie
Genealogy Born: 20 Sep 1857 At: Gnadenthal, VIC Died: 29 Jul 1938 At: Penshurst, VIC Age: 81 Buried: Tabor, VIC Comments: Wife of August Presser. Presser.
BurgerAlex28 Dec 197520 Feb 1903Penshurst, VIC72Son of Andreas & Pauline Burger. Did not marry.OMFarmerLutheran
BurgerAndreas7 Oct 193111 Dec 1863Gnadenthal, VIC68Spouse of Pauline nee MibusOMLutheran
BurgerAvron Gerhard5 Feb 19479 Feb 1947Hamilton, VICInfant son of Gerhard & Alma Burger.OMInfantLutheran
BurgerBill (Ernst Wilhelm)21/3/196129/1/1899Penshurst, VICPenshurst, VIC62Spouse of Elsie nee GroteOMGrazierLutheran
BurgerJohanne11 Dec 196316 Dec 1889Croxton East, VIC74Nee Linke. Wife of Walter Burger.OFWifeLutheran
BurgerLouis Philip7 Jul 189712 Sep 1895Penshurst, VICPenshurst, VICAge 1 yr 10 mnths. Child of Andreas & Pauline Burger.OMChildLutheran
BurgerPauline12 Jan 192823 Mar 1866Tabor, VIC82Nee Mibus. Wife of Andreas BurgerOFWifeLutheran
BurgerSophie Mathilda27 Mar 198224 Jan 1897Penshurst, VIC85Daughter of Andreas & Pauline Burger. Did not marry.OFLutheran
BurgerWalter Edward14 Jan 196111 Sep 1889Penshurst, VIC72Spouse of Johanne nee Linke.OMFarmerLutheran
GellertAnna3 Dec 191521 Sep 1838Driewcen,Posen,PrussiaTabor, VIC77Nee Matuschka. Wife of Johann Friederick August GellertOFWifeLutheran
GellertJohann Friedrich August17 Dec 193421 Nov 1840Driewcen,Posen,PrussiaTabor, VIC94Spouse of Anna nee MatuschkaOMLutheran
GellertJohann Samuel24 Sep 18766 Dec 1797Driewcen,Posen,PrussiaTabor, VIC79Spouse of Johanna Modesta nee MathesOMLutheran
GellertJohanna Modesta23 Sep 186326 Jan 1802Tabor, VIC61Nee Mathes (Gogol). Wife of Johann Samuel GellertOFWife
HufErnst Ludwig23 May 19592 Feb 1869Croxton East, VICHamilton, VIC90Spouse of (1) Marie Sophie nee Hotker (2) Pauline RentschOMFarmerLutheran
HufJohann2 Jun 18772 Jul 1843Nekla Hauland, Posen, PrussiaCroxton East, VIC34Spouse of Luise Pauline nee Uebergang.OMFarmerLutheran
HufLuise Pauline21 Jan 19288 Jul 1848Bersdorf, PrussiaCroxton East, VIC80Nee Uebergang. Wife of Johann Huf.OFWifeLutheran
HufMarie Sophie29 Jun 189825 Mar 1874Corumby, VICCroxton East, VIC26Nee Hotker. Wife (1) of Ernst Ludwig Huf.1 Jul 1898OFWifeLutheran
HufWilhelm August9 Oct 193419 Mar 1867Croxton East, VICCroxton East, VIC57Spouse of Johanna Augusta nee SchultzOMFarmerLutheran
KrügerGustav6 Jul 191016 Jan 1838Cottbus, BrandenburgLake Linlithgow, Vic72Spouse of Johanne Auguste nee WeidenerOMLutheran
KrügerJohann Carl August24/10/187111 Jan 1802Cottbus, BrandenburgLake Linlithgow, Vic69Spouse of Maria nee DüchOMLutheran
KrügerJohanne Auguste24 Sep 19068 Feb 1839Tielitz, PrussiaLake Linlithgow, Vic67Nee Weidener. Wife of Gustav KrügerOFWifeLutheran
KrügerMaria21 Jul 18775 Apr 1805Leuthen, Cottbus, BrandenburgLake Linlithgow, Vic72Nee Düch. Wife of Johann August KrügerOFWifeLutheran
LehrmannDennis Everard15 Aug 19439 Aug 1943Hamilton, VICInfant son of Otto & Ruth LehmannOMInfant
LehrmannOtto Friedrich26 Feb 196421 Dec 1892Croxton East, VIC72Spouse of Ruth Sophie nee Huf.OMFarmerLutheran
LehrmannRuth Sophie27 May 199421 Mar 1905Warrayure, VIC89Nee Huf. Wife of Otto Friedrich Lehmann.OFWifeLutheran
MibusCarl25 Sep 189825 Jun 1840Neckla Hauland, Posen, Prussia58Spouse of Johanne nee UebergangOMLutheran
MibusCarl August1 Jul 193418 Mar 1868Tabor, VIC67Son of Carl & Ernstine Mibus. Never married.OMLutheran
MibusEmma Mathilda26 Feb 192211 Nov 1870Tabor, VIC51Daughter of Carl & Ernstine Mibus. Never married.OFLutheran
MibusErnst Eduard (Ted)11 Oct 195128 Nov 1878Tabor, VIC72Son of Carl & Ernstine Mibus. Never married.OMFarmerLutheran
MibusErnst Tragott10 Oct 187616 Jan 1876Tabor, VICAge 9 mnths. Son of Carl & Ernstine Mibus.OMInfantLutheran
MibusJohann Wilhelm16 Nay 195014 Oct 1873Tabor, VICHamilton, VIC76Spouse of Louise Emilie Mibus nee Peucker.OMFarmer, grazierLutheran
MibusJohanne Ernstine29 Jan 192223 Nov 1843Bersdorf, Jauer, Prussia79Nee Uebergang. Wife of Carl Mibus.OFWifeLutheran
MibusLouise Emilie22 Sep 19762 Sep 1880Bungalally, near green Lake, Horsham, VIHamilton, VIC96Nee Peucker. Wife of Johann Wilhelm Mibus.OFWifeLutheran
MibusSophie Elizabeth9 Jul 199025 Dec 189891Nee Hermann. Wife (2) of Walter Mibus.OFWifeLutheran
MibusWalter27 Apr 19824 Sep 188596Spouse of (1) Marie Louise nee Hausler (2) Sophie Elizabeth nee HermannOMLutheran
PresserEdwin Reinhold15 Feb 19701 May 1897Wal Wal, VICHamilton, VICSpouse of Ella Pauline nee RentschOMFarmerLutheran
PresserElla Pauline15 Jul 19313 Aug 1898Penshurst, VICNee Rentsch. Wife of Edwin Reinhold PresserOFWifeLutheran
RentschElsie Adeline16 Dec 19022 Mar 1994Penshurst, VICPortland, VIC91Daughter of Johann August & Johanna Rentsch.OFLutheran
RentschJohanna19 Feb 196330 May 1872Linlithgow, VICHamilton, VICNee Huf. Wife of Johann August RentschOFWifeLutheran
RentschJonann August15 Sep 195218 Feb 1863Byaduk, VICHamilton, VICSpouse of Johanna nee HufOMFarmerLutheran
TischlerGustav Martin2 Sep 194111 Nov 1892Neckla Hauland, PosenSpouse of Maria nee UebergangOMFarmerLutheran
TischlerMaria13 Sep 193123 Jul 1869Croxton East, VICNee Uebergang. Wife of Gustav Martin TischlerOFWifeLutheran
UebergangCaroline28 Mar 191823 Jun 1846Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia72Nee Mibus. Wife of Wilhelm UebergangOFWifeLutheran
UebergangWilhelm2 Oct 192016 Jul 1836Bersdorf, Jauer, Prussia84Spouse of Caroline nee MibusOMFarmerLutheran