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Purewa cemetery is one of several large cemeteries in the greater Auckland area. It is quite near the volcanic cone of Mt Wellington and one of the older ones. It was also the first crematorium in the region and occasionally confusion arises during research because Purewa provided cremation services for other cemeteries where the ashes may be finally located.
Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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Purewa surnames

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BiddickEmily4 Jun 1876Padstow, Cornwall, UKOrakei, Auckland, NZPurewa cemetery, AucklandNee Spear. Wife of James Biddick.tides6482OFWife
BiddickErnest William28 Feb 1890Jan 1890Purewa cemetery, AucklandInfant son of James Edwin & Alice Biddick.tides6495OMInfant
BiddickFrances Jane20 Aug 18941858Cornwall, UKAuckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland36Daughter of James & Emily Biddick.tides6497OF
BiddickIvy Elizabeth7 Dec 18926 Dec 1894Kohimarama, Auckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland2Daughter of James Edwin & Alice Mary Biddick.tides6488OFChild
BiddickJames10 Jul 19408 Feb 1868Mahurangi, North Auckland, NZKaraka, Sth AucklandPurewa cemetery, Auckland72Spouse of Kate Florence nee Norris.tides3240OM
BiddickJames26 Jun 191022 Dec 1838Padstow, Cornwall, UKKohimarama, Auckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland72Spouse of Emily nee Spear.tides6484OM
BiddickWilliam Arthur23 Dec 1891Jun 1891Kohimarama, Auckland, NZKohimarama, Auckland, NZPurewa cemetery, AucklandInfant of James Edwin & Alice Mary Biddick.tides6487OMInfant
BiddickWilliam John22 Jul 194223 Apr 1870Greenland, Auckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland72Son of James & Emily Biddick.tides6492OM

  Surname: Botica First names: Ivan George Tony Born: ca 1941 At: Died: 7 Jan 2010 At: Age: 69 Buried: Purewa cemetery, Block R Row 32 Plot 7, Auckland, NZ

  Surname: Botica First names: Ketia Eliza Born: ca 1915 At: Died: 28 Sep 1981 At: Age: 66 Buried: Purewa cemetery, (Cremated Ashes burial), Auckland, NZ

  Surname: Botica First names: Leola Born: ca 1937 At: Died: 22 Feb 2008 At: Age: 71 Buried: Purewa cemetery, (Cremation), Auckland, NZ

  Surname: Botica First names: Paul Borovina Born: ca 1895 At: Died: 31 Oct 1974 At: Age: 79 Buried: Purewa cemetery, Cremated ashes buried.Block X Row 4 Plot 009, Auckland, NZ Comments:

  Surname: Botica First names: Paul Vladimir Born: ca 1930 At: Died: 24 Jul 2010 At: Age: 79 Buried: Purewa cemetery, Auckland, NZ Comments:
ChatfieldAmelia Frances1925ca 1849Auckland, NZAuckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland76Nee Cains. Wife of Robert Thomas Chatfield.catnach224OFWife
ChatfieldRobert Percy Bachhoffner10 Feb 19391 Jan 1868Waihapu, NZSydney, NSWPurewa cemetery, Auckland71catnach272OM
ChatfieldRobert Thomas6 Jan 1923ca 1845Greatham, Sussex, UKAuckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland78Spouse of Amelia Frances nee Cains.catnach2238 Jan 1923OM
GillibrandRobin John12 Feb 197720 Jul 1900NZAuckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland77Spouse of Elizabeth Mary nee Ruge.inez557515 Dec 1977 crematedOM
GubbEdwardF379525 Sep 19524 Nov 1876Auckland, NZAuckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland76Son of Luther & Emma Gubb.moffatt56327 Sep 1952OMChurch of ChristSibuns Funeral Advisorshttp://www.purewa.co.nz/search.asp
GubbElsie Myrtlen/an/a13 Dec 197222 Sep 1903Auckland, NZAuckland, NZCremated, Purewa cemetery, Auckland69Nee White. Wife of Theophilus Carlyle Gubb.moffatt638OFWife W H Tongue & Son'shttp://www.purewa.co.nz/search.asp
GubbRodney Selwynn/an/a25 Oct 198714 Nov 1914Onehunga, Auckland, NZAuckland, NZCremated, Purewa cemetery, Auckland73Son of Edwin & Ethel Gubb.moffatt66327 Oct 1987OMAnglicanJ Weir & Co (2003) Ltdhttp://www.purewa.co.nz/search.asp
GubbTheophilus Carlylen/an/a5 Nov 196429 Jun 1898Auckland, NZCremated, Purewa cemetery, Auckland66Spouse of Elsie Myrtle nee White.moffatt554OMDavis Funeral Serviceshttp://www.purewa.co.nz/search.asp
MatthewsElizabeth Eleanor8 Dec 192618 Oct 1857Maldon, AustraliaAuckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland69Wife of Samuel Hayward Ford Matthews.mastersOFWife

  Surname: McFarland First names: Edgar James
Genealogy Born: 1857 At: Died: 28 Dec 1944 At: Auckland, NZ Age: 87 Cremated: Purewa cemetery, Auckland, NZ Comments: Spouse of Frances Maria née Taylor.
  Surname: McFarland née Taylor First names: Frances Maria
Genealogy Born: 10 Sep 1867 At: Putiki, Wanganui, NZ Died: 24 Apr 1954 At: Auckland, NZ Age: 87 Cremated: Purewa cemetery, Auckland, NZ Comments: Wife of Edgar James McFarlane.
  Surname: McFarland First names: Kenneth James
Genealogy Born: 5 Nov 1891 At: Auckland, NZ Died: Nov 1964 At: Auckland, NZ Age: 73 Cremated: Purewa cemetery, Auckland, NZ Comments: Son of Edgar & Frances McFarlane.
  Surname: McFarland First names: Mary
Genealogy Born: 24 Dec 1894 At: Auckland, NZ Died: 9 Sep 1896 At: Auckland, NZ Age: 2 Cremated: Purewa cemetery, Auckland, NZ Comments: Daughter of Edgar & Frances McFarlane.
  Surname: Nisbet First names: Gertrude Rose
Genealogy Born: 11 Dec 1887 At: Kaeo, Northland, NZ Died: 25 Apr 1976 At: Age: 99 Buried: Cremated, Purewa, Auckland, NZ Comments: Apparently never married, but has 2 children.
  Surname: Nisbet First names: Ida Mavis
Genealogy Born: 20 Jan 1901 At: Kaeo, Northland, NZ Died: 9 Jun 1964 At: NZ Age: 63 Buried: Purewa, Auckland, NZ Comments: Never married. Daughter of Charles & Agnes Nisbet.
  Surname: Nisbet née McWatters First names: Mavis Eulalie
Genealogy Born: abt 1897 At: NZ Died: 12 Jul 1942 At: NZ Buried: 15 Jul 1942 At: Purewa, Block A Row 9 Plot 008M Age: 45 Comments: Wife of Eric Prior Nisbet.
  Surname: Nisbet née Prior First names: Nina Evaline
Genealogy Born: abt 1878 At: NZ Died: 19 Sep 1924 At: NZ Buried: 20 Sep 1924 At: Purewa, Block A Row 9 Plot 8N Age: 46 Comments: Wife of William Arthur Nisbet.
  Surname: Nordstrand First names: Gordon Stanley
Genealogy Born: 1 Apr 1919 At: Whangarei, Northland, NZ Died: 15 May 1989 At: Age: 79 Cremated: Purewa cemetery, Auckland, NZ Comments: Spouse of Iris Noeline née Pedlar
  Surname: Nordstrand née Pedlar First names: Iris Noeline
Genealogy Born: 1917 At: South Island, NZ Died: 10 Jul 1990 At: Age: 72 Cremated: Purewa cemetery, Auckland, NZ Comments: Wife of Gordon Stanley Nordstrand
RobertsFrancis24 Nov 1929ca 1857London, EnglandPurewa cemetery, Auckland72Spouse 2 of Sophia nee Collett.sandson65626 Nov 1929OM
RobertsSophia Jane18 Nov 19201859Auckland, NZPurewa cemetery, Auckland61Nee Collet. Wife of (1) John Burke and (2) Francis Roberts.sandson65719 Nov 1920OFWife
SmithFrederick Lewin9 May 196615 Jul 1873Auckland, NZAuckland, NZCremated Purewa, Auckland93Spouse of Isabella nee Ferguson.ferguson527OM

  Surname: Sulenta First names: Ergo Born: 30 Jun 1877 At: Jugoslavia Died: 14 Sep 1945 At: Awanui, Northland, NZ Age: 68 Buried: Kaitaia Comments: Spouse of Annie, brother of Peter.