Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.
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  Surname: Subritzky First names: Adam Pierre
Genealogy Born: 8 Feb 1985 At: Auckland, NZ Died: 8 Dec 1985 At: Mangakino, NZ Age: 10 months Buried: Mangakino, NZ Comments: Son of Rita Ann Subritzky.
  Surname: Subritzky First names: David Leonard Colin
Genealogy Born: 28 Dec 1936 At: Auckland, NZ Occupation: Bushman, Timberworker. Died: 10 Apr 1988 At: Mangakino, NZ Age: 52 Buried: Mangakino, NZ Comments: Spouse of Mary Rose née Stanley.
  Surname: Subritzky First names: Dean Michael David
Genealogy Born: 11 May 1968 At: Mangakino, NZ Died: 1999 At: England Age: 31 Buried: Mangakino, NZ Comments: Son of David & Mary Subritzky.