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Kaitaia is located in the very north of New Zealand's North Island, at the base of the Aupouri Peninsula. It has two main cemeteries, this one and the older St. Saviours, established by the missionaries Matthews and Puckey. Both cemeteries include pioneer families, but this newer one includes the war years and is current, with a modern lawn cemetery format for recent graves.
It also has a large number of familes descended from the 'Dalmation' immigrants from the Balkans who originally moved to New Zealand as gumdiggers and farmers. They are now a valued and respected sector of the local population. In fact, a welcome sign at the town boundary greets visitors in all three languages, English, Maori and Croation.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.

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Kaitaia surnames    A - C   D - G   H   I - O    P - Subritzky    Subritzky - Z

  Surname: Hainsworth First names: Raymond Hugh Born: 22 Jun 1927 At: Died: 19 Oct 1986 At: Age: 59 Buried: Kaitaia Comments:
HamblinDorothy Jean21 May 1978ca 1916Kaitaia, Northland, NZ62Wife of Ken, mother of Maureen & Shirley.HFWife
HamblinKenneth (Ken)Kaitaia, Northland, NZSpouse of Dorothy Jean Hamblin.HM
HancoxGeorge Alfred12 Sep 1960Kaitaia, Northland, NZSpouse of Lois Emma Hancox.HM
HancoxLois Emma13 Apr 1967Kaitaia, Northland, NZWife of George Alfred Hancox.HFWife
HandcockVera Olive13 Feb 1983ca 1901Kaitaia, Northland, NZ82HF
HanlonEdith Cora25 Apr 1967ca 1904Kaitaia, Northland, NZ63'our dear mother'.HFWife
HansenLynton Ivor (Toby)6 Nov 1991a 1934cKaitaia, Northland, NZ57Son of Pearl Hansen, brother of Wix & Linda.HM
HarborneEddie (Jack)3 May 2002ca 1977Kaitaia, Northland, NZ25HM
HardingEileen Marjorie30 Aug 1975Kaitaia, Northland, NZHF
HarrisonArthur5 Feb 1974ca 1927Te Hapua, NZKaitaia, Northland, NZ47Spouse of Betty nee Shaw, father of Gay, Ian, Loma & Donna.inez1841H,OM
HarrisonTracey1 May 1984Kaitaia, Northland, NZStillborn daughter of Ian & Jeanne.inez3773HFStillborn
HartDouglas Alfred19 Dec 1963ca 1909Kaitaia, Northland, NZ54Spouse of Rubi Rosalind Hart.evans2219HM
HartRubi Rosalind1 Nov 1984ca 1912Kaitaia, Northland, NZ72Wife of Douglas Alfred Hart. Mother of Shirley & Ron.evans2218HFWife
HawkinsDeven William (Hoppy)23 Aug 200431 Jan 1958Kaitaia, Northland, NZ46masters1797HM
HawkinsThomas Reginald2 Oct 197715 Dec 1901Kaitaia, Northland, NZ76Eldest son of Reginald & Mary Hawkins.masters1800HM
HawkinsWilliam John Cecil27 Aug 19761907Kaitaia, Northland, NZ68Second son to Reginald and Mary Hawkins, of Kohukohu.masters1755HM
HaybittleCharles Malcolm6 Apr 1974Kaitaia, Northland, NZHM
HaybittleMavis Kathleen18 Jan 1988Kaitaia, Northland, NZHF

  Surname: Haylock First names: Donald Keith
Genealogy Born: 11 Aug 1937 At: Died: 14 Apr 1995 At: Age: 58 Buried: Kaitaia cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Cherie née Beddows. Father of Jennifer Mary Rose.
HaywardWarren Dale20 Oct 197418 Oct 1971Kaitaia, Northland, NZ3HMChild
HeathEllen Eileen (Nellie)26 Aug 1985ca 1897Kaitaia, Northland, NZ88'Aunty Nellie'.HF
HeffernanEllen Annie (Nell)5 Sep 1993ca 1908Kaitaia, Northland, NZ85With Maxwell Herbert Paton.HF
HereoraAdaline Mary (Hanny)5 Aug 1989ca 1933Kaitaia, Northland, NZ56Nee Smith. Beloved mother, nanny & Aunty.HF
HetaJude-Allen10 Sep 1974Kaitaia, Northland, NZBeloved son of Nana & Patterson Heta.HM
HickCalvin Michael17 Mar 195917 Mar 1959Kaitaia, Northland, NZBaby son of Jean & Jack. Brother of Derek, Janice, Barry & Warren.HM
HickeyAlbert William18 Jun 1976Kaitaia, Northland, NZSpouse of Edna. Father of Mona, Ben, Jeff and ?HM
HickeyElaine Margaret26 Jun 19805 Mar 1933Kaitaia, Northland, NZ47Nee Lowe. Wife of Gilbert (Max) Hickey. Married 28 Nov 1953 at Pukekohe.HFWife
HickeyGilbert (Max)22 Mar 20057 Sep 1930Kaitaia, Northland, NZ75Spouse of Elaine Margaret nee Lowe.HM
HicksEdna Catherine4 Jul 1986ca 1906Kaitaia, Northland, NZ80Wife of Gilbert William Hicks. Mother of Max, Mona, Ben & Jeffrey.HFWife
HigginDaniel7 Sep 1939ca 1855Kaitaia, Northland, NZ84HM
HigginsCamilla Florence21 May 199214 Dec 1904Kaitaia, Northland, NZ88Wife of Francis Vernon Higgins.HFWife
HigginsFrancis Vernon23 Sep 197719 Dec 1904Kaitaia, Northland, NZ73Spouse of Camilla Florence Higgins. Father of Pat, Marie, John, Valarie & Larry.HM
HillGladys Irene15 Jun 198722 Nov 1908Kaitaia, Northland, NZ79Nee Christensen. Wife of Percy Stuart West Hill.beniston3613HFWife
HillPercy Stuart West14 May 198027 Apr 1898Kaitaia, Northland, NZ82Spouse of Gladys Irene nee Christensen.beniston4679HM
HoddleFlorence21 May 1968ca 1899Kaitaia, Northland, NZ69Wife of Walter John Hoddle. Mother of Walter & Tom.HFWife
HoddleWalter John22 Feb 1970ca 1894Kaitaia, Northland, NZ76J6987 Leading Seaman, RN. WW1.HM
HodgsonJohn Edmund24 Mar 1967ca 1928Kaitaia, Northland, NZ39Spouse of Netta, father of Bronwyn, Jenny, Gregory & Tracee. Son of Eva & Tom.masters1468HM
HoeraPaihia30 Feb 1992ca 1913Kaitaia, Northland, NZ79HF
HollayAlfred Edward4 Nov 1973ca 1878Kaitaia, Northland, NZ95Spouse of Hannah Florence Hollay.HM
HollayGwen2 Aug 19856 Jul 1929Kaitaia, Northland, NZ56Wife of Ken Hollay.HFWife
HollayHannah Florence28 Feb 1942ca 1884Kaitaia, Northland, NZ58Wife of Alfred Edward Hollay.HFWife
HomewoodBeatrice Mary6 Sep 2001ca 1914Kaitaia, Northland, NZ87Wife of David William Homewood.HFWife
HomewoodDavid William15 Jan 19823 May 1911Kaitaia, Northland, NZ71Spouse of Beatrice Homewood, father of Alan, Brian, Janet, Robin & John.HM
HooperGladys A.3 Jul 1986ca 1891Kaitaia, Northland, NZ95Wife of Henry C. Cooper.evans2254HFWife
HooperHenry C.30 Jul 1956ca 1885Kaitaia, Northland, NZ71Spouse of Gladys A. Cooper.evans2255HM
HoranDanny14 Apr 198728 Jul 1900Kaitaia, Northland, NZ87Father of Barry & Trevor.HM
HorneGarry7 Jan 1960Kaitaia, Northland, NZInfantHMInfant
HorneIvy19636 Jul 1963Kaitaia, Northland, NZInfantHFInfant
HorrockJohn M.20 Sep 1964Kaitaia, Northland, NZ'our dear brother'.HM
HorsfordMary Jane20 Oct 1979ca 1897Kaitaia, Northland, NZ82Wife of George Horsford, mother of Melva, Dick & John.HFWife
HoughtonBessie Venus18 Nov 200211 Feb 1913Kaitaia, Northland, NZ89Wife of Lloyd. Mother of June, Robyn & Peter.evans2355HFWife
HoughtonRobyn Diane14 Apr 199421 Jul 1947Kaitaia, Northland, NZ47Daughter of Bessie & Lloyd, sister of June & Peter.evans2357HF
HoughtonTerence John22 Oct 200126 Feb 1957Kaitaia, Northland, NZ44Spouse of Sarah, father of Dylan & Ash.HM
HowellTere Eruera31 Jan 1986Kaitaia, Northland, NZHM
HuddartAlfred Albert8 Sep 20011 Jun 1916Kaitaia, Northland, NZ85Spouse of Mary, father of Don, Garry, Ngaire & Rob.HM
HuntJoyce Louisa Myra30 Nov 2000ca 1923Kaitaia, Northland, NZ77Wife of Stan Hunt. Mother of Roger, Barry, Tommy & Christine.evans2401HFWife
HuntRoger Phillip29 Jun 1979ca 1948Kaitaia, Northland, NZ31Spouse of Lesley Hunt, father of Cherie & James. Son of Stan & Joyce Hunt. Brother of Tommy, Barry & Christine.evans2397HM
HutchinsBasil19 Nov 1970Kaitaia, Northland, NZSon of Kenneth & Edna Hutchins nee Brewer.HM
HutchinsNoel Edward12 Jul 19931 Sep 1930Kaitaia, Northland, NZ63HM
HuttonMichael Patrick9 Mar 199327 Nov 1950Kaitaia, Northland, NZ43HM