The details in these files have been taken raw from headstones in various cemeteries, in both Australia and New Zealand. These lists are intended as resources for researchers, and are generally limited to dates prior to 1945 except where a familial connection naturally extends forward in time. For dates later than that there are very complete official records which can be searched with reasonable confidence.

The lists are not complete, as transcribing is a time-consuming task and geography daunting. Files will be updated as more comes to hand. Perhaps you might like to contribute from your own area...? The comments field is intended to assist researchers in cross-referencing family members, as considerably more detail is often included on a headstone than in records of the day.

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Many of the cemetery files shown here have links to genealogies. These are in many cases incomplete, or wrong assumptions may have been made. We rely heavily on input from users to warn us of such errors, and we attempt to correct them as soon as feasible.