Cowell Cemetery

Pos S  33 40' 44.06"
E 136 54' 26.15"
(On the Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia)

Cowell is on the South coast of South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, right on the coast a long way from those hardy souls travelling over to Western Australia, unless they made a mistake and took the route via Whyalla instead of the more direct one.

In some ways Cowell is a sleepy fishing village still living in the 1980's, but recent mining developments have lifted the profile of the place as new companies look to ship iron ore from the same coast.

There is also a significant coastal fishery, where a lot of shore-side annd open water fish farming has been developed. If you're looking for trees, your soul will curdle in this part of Saouth Australia, but if you like the coast and freedom to explore little coves and lonely beaches, rejoice!

The cemetery is on the main road immediately west of the town centre.

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  Surname: Tilly
First names: John Born: Oct 1853 At: Died: 14 May 1914 At: Age: 60 Buried: Cowell cemetery, SA Comments: Spouse of Margaret Tilly.
  Surname: Tilly
First names: Margaret Born: ca 1855 At: Died: 10 Aug 1937 At: Age: 82 Buried: Beaufort cemetery, SA Comments: Wife of John Tilly.