Clermont is located inland from Mackay. It has a colourful history, starting with settlement by cattle barons, then the discovery of gold and copper led to a mini gold rush.
Later the coal deposits at Blair Athol were discovered, and today there is a huge opencut mine that has swallowed the original township of the same name. The township of Clermont is located on what was known as Hood's Lagoon, and in 1916 the same cyclone that devastated Mackay caused so much rainfall that much of the original township was simply washed away.
Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.
Actual headstone data; + Data from other sources.

Note - this listing is incomplete in this temporary form...

  Surname: Allan First names: Alec Born: abt 1845 At: Melbourne, VIC Died: 21 Feb 1915 At: Age: 70 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Allwood First names: Alice Born: At: Mitchell, QLD Died: Apr 1926 At: Age: Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Allwood First names: Charles Born: At: Died: Sep 1931 At: Bur: 13 Sep 1931 Age: 11 hours Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Presumed brother of Nita Allwood.

  Surname: Allwood First names: George Born: abt 1875 At: VIC Died: Apr 1928 At: Bur: 27 Apr 1928 Age: 53 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Allwood First names: Mary Ann Born: abt 1901 At: Died: Sep 1941 At: Bur: 20 Sep 1941 Age: 40 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Allwood First names: Nita Adik Born: Jul 1930 At: Clermont, QLD Died: Jul 1930 At: Bur: 15 Jul 1930 Age: 3 days Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Appleton First names: Anthony Charles Born: Oct 1915 At: Died: 12 Sep 1924 At: Age: 8 years 11 months Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: With Robert Appleton.

  Surname: Appleton First names: Louisa Born: abt 1846 At: England Died: 6 Aug 1889 At: Age: 43 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Widow of Angus McLeod. Wife of Cornelius Appleton.

  Surname: Appleton First names: Robert Born: Apr 1926 At: Died: 15 Feb 1935 At: Age: 8 years 10 months Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: With Anthony Charles Appleton.
AveryHepsebeth20 Sep 1902182973With Thomas James Wheeler.H
BaconElizabeth Ann23 Dec 19231859England64Wife of William Bacon. Mother of William Howard Bacon.hschild65023 Dec 1923H,O
BaconWilliam18 Dec 19331861England72Husband of Elizabeth Ann Bacon, father of William Howard Bacon.hschild17820 Dec 1933
BaconWilliam Howard12 Apr 18971895Clermont, QLDClermont22nd son of Elizabeth Ann and William Baconhschild65112 Apr 1897H,OChild
BagnallRebecca22 Nov 1928?29 Sep 1841?Spouse of William Thomas Bagnall.H
BagnallWilliam Thomas2 Jul 1924?12 Jul 1846?IrelandSpouse of Rebecca Bagnall.H
BakerJohn ThomasJan 1930ca 1864NSW6610 Jan 1930O
BakerMargaret AnnSep 19071865Ireland4217 Sep 1907
BakerRowenaSep 1953ca 1866Clermont8716 Sep 1953H
BakerWilliamFeb 1940abt 1861QLD7925 Feb 1940
BarracloughFrank24 Jun 19468 Nov 186383Grandfather of Frank W. Barraclough.
BarracloughFrank W.22 Jan 193423 Feb 190529'Loved by wife Cathy and son Frank. Son of Frank Barraclough snr.
BarrettCharles BradfordNov 1928ca 1857VIC712 Nov 1928
BauchoryJoseph (Joe)Jan 1926abt 18567030 Jan 1926
BauerRobert W. HerbertFeb 18811880ClermontAge 5 months3 Feb 1881Infant
BehrBenjamin (Benno)9 Jul 1935Aug 185580Age 79 yrs 11 mnths. Spouse of Mary Gertrude Behr. 8th Tammuz 5695.Hschild72710 Jul 1935Jeweller,watchmaker and tobacconist
BehrEnid Gertrude10 Mar 1912Dec 19101Age 1 yr 3 mnths. Daughter of Benjamin + Mary Behr.Hschild72811 Mar 1912
BehrMary Gertrude19 Dec 19181839Bowen,QLDRockhampton49Spouse of Benjamin Behr.Hschild72620 Dec 1918Wife
BellArthur John1894Clermont, QLD39 Apr 1897
BennettAnnieFeb 1930ca 1887Clermont, QLD43Wife of William J. Bennetthschild6522 Mar 1930H,OWife
BennettWilliam J.Mar 1934Clermont,QLDSpouse of Annie Bennetthschild65318 Mar 1934O
BerryMay ElizabethAug 1932ca 189141Presumed to be daughter of Robert William Ward Berry, and sister of Thomas Ward Berry.5 Aug 1931H,OWife
BerryRobert William WardNov 1943ca 187370Presumed to be father of May Elizabeth Berry.23 Nov 1943H,O
BerryThomas WardKIA presumed WW2Presumed to be memorial. On gravestone of Robert William Ward Berry.On stone at Clermont
BerryWilliamca 184564'our dear father'16 Feb 1909
BettridgeDaphne J.12 Aug 192927 Jun 1927Age 1 yr 2 mnths. With Winifred F. Lette.
BettridgeNorma Bessie13 May 1925Jan 1921Age 4 yrs 5 mnths.
BobreFrankMar 1939ca 1881Russia58hatfield7678 Mar 1939O
BobreLilyJan 1930ca 191812Presumed to be daughter of Frank & Wilhelmina Bobre.hatfield76815 Jan 1930OChild
BobreWilhelminaOct 1939ca 1882Russia57Presumed to be wife of Frank Bobre.hatfield76621 Oct 1939O
BoltonGeorgeOct 1928ca 1839Scotland896 Oct 1928
BorlElizabeth15 Dec 1901185744Spouse of P.A.M. Borl. 'erected by husband and son'.H
BowlerPatrick13 Aug 1903183865
BradyJamesJul 1925abt 1850Ireland7524 Jul 1925
BrayJohnJul 1928ca 1862Sydney,NSWClermont6623 Jul 1928O
BrayPhillip JohnAug 1939ca 1896Copperfield, QLDClermont43A.I.F.6 Aug 1939H,O
BrownEllenabt 1846Ireland509 Nov 1896
BrownGeorge William11 Jul 1871183536
BrownJames Gompertz24 Aug 187718 Jan 18698
BrownJohnOct 19371868UKClermont699 Oct 1937O
BryantGeorge13 Jan 19346 Feb 186470'From daughter Evelyn'.
BuckleyChristianOct 1929ca 1897Scotland328 Oct 1929O
BullEileen IsobelOct 1928ca 1899NSW292 Oct 1928
BullLouisa EmmaJan 1952ca 1870Clermont82Presumed to be mother of Eileen Isobel Bull.8 Jan 1952
ByrnesMichael8 Jan 19191866NSWClermont53'my dear husband'. Spouse of Kate (nee Hauenschild).Hschild159 Jan 1919H,O
ByrnesWilliam Henry2 Feb 19231893Clermont, QLDClermont30Son of Michael Byrnes. Spouse of Ellen.Hschild223 Feb 1923H,O
CallaghanMichaelOct 187910 Oct 1879
CameronBertram Edward22 Oct 1947190047'erected by Nell, Sam and Bill'.
CameronThomas RobertsonOct 1922ca 1853Brisbane6922 Oct 1922O
CampbellMargaret Hughina4 Sep 187518 Oct 1871Clermont415 Aug 1875Child
CarrollDaniel29 Jul 19071860Anack, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.Clermont47H
CarrollJohn9 Jan 1905186837Spouse of M.A. Carroll.
CarrollM.A.15 Jul 189816 Oct 186236Spouse of John Carroll.
CarstenCretta28 Dec 191618941916 floods22With 4 other family members lost in floods. Sister-in-law of Maud Margaret Carsten, daughter of Kate Carsten.
CarstenEva May28 Dec 191618901916 floods26With 4 other family members lost in same floods. Sister of Cretta Carsten.
CarstenKate28 Dec 191618661916 floods50With 4 other members of family lost in flood. Mother-in-law of Maud Margaret Carsten.
CarstenMaud Margaret28 Dec 191618861916 floods30With 4 other family members.
CarstenSimon Henry28 Dec 1916Oct 19151916 floodsAge 14 mnths. With 4 other family members also lost in floods. Son of Maud Margaret Carsten.
CaseyAndrew10 Jun 1935184986'Husband and father'.
CaseyCecilia24 Apr 192485470Wife of Andrew Casey, mother of Sarah Guerin.
CaseyCharles Edmund Newebry25 Jun 188510 Jun 1885Clermont, QLDAge 15 days. Son of Edmund and Jessie Casey.
CaseyElizabethSep 1925abt 1872Ireland5313 Sep 1925O
CaseyGeorge Baxter26 Sep 18961831Ireland65'loving family'Hschild73827 Oct 1896O
CaseyKevin StephenJan 1928abt 1924Clermont4'erected by their loved ones'12 Jan 1928H,OChild
CaseyMary AnnFeb 1950'loving father'Feb 1952
CaseyRobert WilliamJan 1941abt 1941Clermont, QLDClermont, QLDAge 3 days.9 Jan 1941OInfant
CaseyThomas BaxterJan 19441869Clermont, QLDClermont, QLD75'loving family' Presumed son of George BaxterHschild73718 Jan 1944
CastleHorace18 Apr 1917
CavillMay Eileen15 Jan 1922Sep 1914Age 7 yrs 3 mnths.
ChalkLouisa JaneJul 1886abt 1885ClermontAge 13 months7 Jul 1886Infant
ChalkMary AnnJun 1886abt 1847NSW3930 Jun 1886
ChardivoineErnestJan 18731872ClermontAge 5 months 2 weeks10 Jan 1873Infant
ChiconiPhillip Henry (Phil)5 Jul 19281868Copperfield, QLD60hschild7885 Jul 1928
ChisholmBertha AmyApr 1909ca 1865Kent, EnglandRetro, QLD44Wife of John Chisholm.21 Apr 1909Wife
ChristianElizabeth Jane26 Jul 1948186979H
ClarkePeter Dudley LeandreAge 7 months. Son of Leandre Armitage Clarke.
ClarkeSara Suzanna22 Nov 191311 Oct 1913Daughter of Leandre Armitage Clarke and Nancy Lewers Clarke.
ColeThomas John12 May 19461899Charters Towers47Spouse of Vera Cole (nee McKean). 'Erected by his fond wife 'Vera'.'
ComleyFrederick2 Apr 1899May 1853England45Age 45 yrs 11 mnths 18 days. Husband of Alice Comley. 'sorrowing wife and children'.3 Apr 1899
Con FueJamesabt 1843Canton, China3914 Feb 1882
ConnortyJamesOct 1928ca 1870Ireland5830 Oct 1928
CookeEmma Strickland13 Nov 18861861Copperfield, QLD2514 Nov 1886
CooperElizabeth25 Aug 1942185785With William and Thomas Cooper.
CooperJohn Joseph8 Jun 1951191930Corporal 78384 (RAAF).
CooperMary31 Mar 197313 Jun 188687Spouse of Thomas Cooper. 'Dear mother and father'. 'Inserted by George and Ellen'.
CooperMiriamApr 19241924ClermontAge 3 days5 Apr 1924
CooperThomas6 Sep 192413 Oct 187846Spouse of Mary Cooper. 'Inserted by George and Ellen'.
CooperThomas6 Sep 1924187945With William and Elizabeth Cooper.
CooperWilliam28 Sep 1922185369With Thomas Cooper and Elizabeth Cooper.
CowanAlice Sophia12 Jan 1921187546Spouse of Charles M. Cowan.
CricksWilhelmina17 May 189922 Jun 1867Darlingford, Vic.Clermont31Spouse of Robert William Cricks. With Ann Orr Weekes.H
CroftsFrederick Alfred25 Jul 1928186167Spouse of Gertrude Mary Crofts.H
CroftsGertrude Mary14 Nov 1952186686Spouse of frederick Alfred Crofts.H
CroftsThomas D.10 Jun 1911Jan 186051age 51 yrs 5 mnths. 'erected by loving wife M.M. Crofts'.H
CrosbieAnnie Barbara1895Clermont, QLDClermont, QLDAge 2 yrs and 3 days4 Jun 1897
CrosbieWilliam1866England2914 Dec 1895
CrossmanRichardMar 18791878CopperfieldAge 14 mnths18 Mar 1879Child
CrowleyPamela MaliusNov 1928ca 1902England2610 Nov 1928
CroydonDaisy6'Our loving daughter and our sister'.
CroydonEva21 Nov 196989178Spouse of George Croydon, mother of 11.
CroydonGeorge1984188995'Our dear father'. Husband of Eva Croydon.
CroydonJames Arthur15 Jun 191218455th Ave New York.Wener Park67
CruickshankAnnie8 Jun 1869184029Wife of R.D. Cruickshank.
CuthbertsonJohnabt 1836Scotland4424 Aug 1880
D'ArcyAlan George29 Jul 1939abt 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, UKApsley, QLD81Spouse of Margaret nee Young.centqld54030 Jul 1939O
DalyJohn AmbroseApr 1926abt 1871Clermont, QLD5514 Apr 1926H,O
DamkeAnnie Maud4Daughter of Leo F. Damke, with him. 'erected by loving wife and mother'.H
DamkeEmma MariaJul 1891abt 1833Germany5822 Jul 1891
DamkeLeo F.7 Sep 1924abt 187252with daughter Annie Maude Damke. 'erected by loving wife and mother'.H
DanielsL.G.4 Sep 1954192034QX12421 Gunner, 2/16 Field Reg. R.A.A. 'missed by wife Jill and sons'.
DanielsLorna Florence10 Jan 193226 Oct 191616
DavidsonR.22 Feb 1951189655Q302302 Lance Corporal, Infantry. 'loving wife Daisy, daughters Margaret and Dorothea'.
DavisonMary19171863England54Accidentally drowned.7 Oct 1917
DayCecil Angus Roy28 Feb 1924May 1923Age 9 mnths 4 days. Son of Frank and Annie Day.
DayFrank Ernest12 Dec 1925187847
DeeleyE.Apr 1930ca 1874England56Assumed to be spouse of Florence Deeleyhatfield7701 May 1930O
DeeleyErnest FrederickNov 1957ca 1920Clermont37Assumed to be son of E & Florence Deeley.hatfield7719 Nov 1957O
DeeleyFlorenceJun 1957ca 187879May be wife of E. Deeley.hatfield76924 Jun 1957O
DentonDaniel William27 Nov 18976 Jun 1871NSW2628 Nov 1897
DerrettBenjamin3 Aug 1923183984
DerrittLewis Robert3 Nov 1966188284'devoted husband and father'.
DixonCecilia JeanNov 1925ca 1860NSW663 Nov 1925
DoyleEdward E.Oct 1874abt 1820Ireland5429 Oct 1874
DuckMabel LouisaClermont1Burial records only.15 Apr 1906
DuncanElizabethMar 1881abt 1827548 Mar 1881
EatonSarahFeb 1926ca 18359119 Feb 1926
EbardMoritz19 Jun 1900185446'erected by sorrowing wife'.H
EckfordTeckla3 Jan 1917Spouse of William Eckford. Erected by husband and family.
EdgeleyPeterMar 1906ca 1826England80Spouse of Sarah Edgeleyhschild79718 Mar 1906O
EdgeleySarahJul 1906ca 1833England73Wife of Peter Edgeleyhschild80016 Jul 1906O
EiteAlice CarolineMar 1926ca 1878Comet, QLD48Wife of John Walter Eite.17 Mar 1926Wife
EiteJohn WalterOct 1949ca 186683Husband of Alice Caroline Eite.14 Oct 1949
EllisHelen15 Feb 1919185663Erected by her husband
EllisWilliamFeb 19011873ScotlandClermont2813 Feb 1901O
EmslieJames B.24 Dec 19121890Age 22 years 10 months. 'Our dear son and brother'.
FinlayAnna ValentineMay 1882abt 18433930 May 1882
FlavelAda28 Dec 19161916 floodsone of 4 family members
FlavelAdela28 Dec 19161916 floodsone of 4 family members
FlavelAlfred28 Dec 19161916 floodsOne of 4 from same family
FlavelLily28 Dec 19161916 FloodsOne of 4 family members.
FleckAndrew J.15 Jun 188420 Mar 1827Elsdon, Northumberland, EnglandClermont, QLD5716 Jun 1884
FogartyNellie18 Nov 1912Sep 19084Age 4 yrs 2 mnths 23 days. Daughter of Ellen and Thomas Fogarty, g'daughter of James Henry and Ellen Garnett.H
FogartyThomas4 Jan 1929186069Assumed to be spouse of Ellen Fogarty (nee Garnett). Father of Nellie Fogarty.H
GarnettJames Henry10 Jul 19051858Walton Hill, Copperfield47'erected by wife Ellen Garnett'. Assumed to be father of Ellen Fogarty.H
GaudryCharles1 Jun 1901184061Spouse of Margaret Gaudry. 'erected by loving daughters'.H
GaudryHerbertDec 18951874ClermontClermont916 Dec 1895H
GaudryMargaret4 Sep 1926183888Spouse of Charles Gaudry. 'erected by loving daughters.H
GaudryRobert JohnApr 1929abt 1918Clermont1113 Apr 1929Child
GenningsMary Ann Elizabeth22 Sep 18821840England4223 Sep 1882
GeorgeMargaret8 Nov 18841858ScotlandClermont, QLD26nee Hunter. Wife of Samuel George.9 Nov 1884
GrantDavid19 Aug 19111834Perthshire, Scotland77
GrantWilfred Gordon1 Nov 19011900Clermont, QLDAge 1 year 11 ½ months.2 Nov 1901
GrayJamesMay 1930ca 1880VIC5018 May 1930O
GreeceEllen3 Aug 1912185359'my dearly beloved wife'.H
GriffinIsabella18 Jul 19321855ScotlandClermont, QLD77Wife of William Henry Griffin. Mother of Maud Isabel Griffin.19 Jul 1932
GriffinMaud Isabel7 Oct 18861879Clermont7Youngest daughter of William Henry and Isabella Griffin.8 Oct 1886
GriffinWilliam Henry23 Jul 190723 May 1850LondonClermont, QLD57Husband of Isabella Griffin. Father of Maud Isabel Griffin.23 Jul 1907
GuathyHenrySep 1926abt 1887Rockhampton, QLD3513 Sep 1926
GuerinEliza7 Jun 1903abt 185152With Mary Theresa McArthur.H
GuerinSarah22 Nov 1923abt 188686Wife of Michael Geurin.
HallJohnSep 1929ca 1846England8322 Sep 1929O
HannahDavidApr 1930ca 18795917 Apr 1930O
HannahGertrude M.Aug 1930Presumed wife of David Hannah1 Aug 1930O
HannonE.D.Dec 1896abt 1861Oxford Downs3529 Dec 1896
HansenPeterSep 19331851DenmarkClermont8226 Sep 1933O
HansenSarna Helva EmmaOct 19331876GermanyClermont576 Oct 1933O
HansenVictor George5 Oct 191719134'erected by loving father, mother, brother and sisters.6 Oct 1917H,OChild
HarrisEmma19 Apr 1923186162Spouse of W.T. Harris. Mother of Rose and Frank.
HarrisRose21 Jun 19775 May 189582Unmarried. Daughter of Emma and W.T. Harris.

  Surname: Hatfield née Scott First names: Annie
Genealogy Born: abt 1836 At: Ireland Died: 6 Jul 1922 At: Bur: 7 Jul 1922 Age: 86 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Wife of Thomas Hatfield.
  Surname: Hatfield First names: Annie Jane
Genealogy Born: 11 Aug 1867 At: Berrima, NSW Died: 15 Mar 1906 At: Clermont, QLD (of TB) Age: 38 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Daughter of Thomas & Annie Hatfield.
  Surname: Hatfield First names: Ernest
Genealogy Born: 23 Jan 1860 At: Died: 23 Dec 1885 At: Clermont, QLD (of TB) Age: 20 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Son of Thomas & Annie Hatfield.
  Surname: Hatfield née McDonald First names: Grace Ann
Genealogy Born: 8 Jan 1872 At: Copperfield, QLD Died: 9 Feb 1908 At: Clermont, QLD (of Typhoid) Bur: 10 Feb 1908 Age: 30 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Daughter of Alexander Bonar McDonald. Second wife of Henry Herbert (Herbert) Hatfield.
  Surname: Hatfield First names: Henry Herbert (Herbert)
Genealogy Born: abt 1862 At: NSW Died: 16 Jan 1935 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 19 Jan 1935 Age: 73 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Spouse of (1) Maud Mary née Dent and (2) Grace Ann née McDonald.
  Surname: Hatfield First names: Thomas
Genealogy Born: 29 Feb 1824 At: Liverpool, NSW Died: 13 Dec 1882 At: Clermont, QLD Age: 58 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Spouse of Annie née Scott.
  Surname: Hatfield First names: Thomas John
Genealogy Born: ca 1856 At: Liverpool, NSW Died: 5 Feb 1940 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 7 Feb 1940 Age: 84 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Station manager, drover.
  Surname: Hatfield First names: Victor E. L.
Genealogy Born: 11 Aug 1863 At: Died: 27 Feb 1901 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 27 Feb 1901 Age: 43 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Spouse of Helena née Langley.
  Surname: Hauenschild First names: August Christian
Genealogy Born: ca 1833 At: Germany Died: Jan 1893 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 10 Jan 1893 Age: 60 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Spouse of Augusta Hauenschild née Gründel.
  Surname: Hauenschild née Gründel First names: Augusta
Genealogy Born: ca 1835 At: Germany Died: 3 Jul 1885 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 3 Jul 1885 Age: 50 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Wife of August Christian Hauenschild.
  Surname: Hauenschild First names: Brian
Genealogy Born: ca 1925 At: Clermont, QLD Died: Feb 1929 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 21 Feb 1929 Age: 4 years 6 months Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Son of David & Molly Hauenschild.
  Surname: Hauenschild First names: Charlotte Dorothy (Dora)
Genealogy Born: 3 Jun 1877 At: Clermont, QLD Died: Jul 1895 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 28 Feb 1895 Age: 18 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Daughter of August & Augusta Hauenschild.
  Surname: Hauenschild First names: Frederick Douglas (Frank)
Genealogy Born: ca 1910 At: Clermont, QLD Died: Feb 1915 At: Clermont, QLD (of diptheria) Bur: 12 Feb 1915 Age: 4 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Son of John Henry & Jane Hauenschild.
  Surname: Hauenschild First names: Frederick William
Genealogy Born: ca 1874 At: Clermont, QLD Died: Jan 1882 At: Clermont, QLD (of diptheria) Bur: 9 Jan 1882 Age: 18 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Son of August Christian & Augusta Hauenschild.
  Surname: Hauenschild née Gibson First names: Jane Elizabeth
Genealogy Born: ca 1872 At: Rockhampton, QLD Died: Oct 1943 At: Bur: 23 Oct 1943 Age: 72 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Wife of John Henry Hauenschild.
  Surname: Hauenschild First names: John Henry
Genealogy Born: 9 Jan 1872 At: Clermont, QLD Died: Dec 1929 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 4 Dec 1929 Age: 58 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Spouse of Jane Hauenschild.
  Surname: Hauenschild First names: Wallace Donald
Genealogy Born: 14 Dec 1922 At: Clermont, QLD Died: 11 Dec 1998 At: Clermont, QLD Bur: 17 Dec 1998 Age: 76 Buried: Clermont, QLD Comments: Spouse of Pauline née Adams.
HazelwoodRobert T. G.Sep 1925abt 1903Tasmania221 Sep 1925
HeathRoy2 May 1921Dec 1919Age 1 yr 6 mnths. 'Our dear little son'.
HendersonA.J.1915187144Spouse of H.E. Henderson
HendersonH.E.1962187488Wife of A.F. Henderson
HietteVictor14 Jul 192021 Dec 1919Age 6 mnths
HigginsJohn (Dr)25 Oct 1922186755'Erected by his sorrowing wife, family and friends'.
HoareMary27 Oct 19011848Ireland53
HochElsie Rose25 Sep 1927189136Spouse of C.J. Hoch. Mother of Allan, Ailsa, David and Edmund [who] served in the great war 1914-1918.
HodgesAlfred10 Feb 1918184672Spouse of Julia Hodges, father of Alfred Thomas Hodges. 'our dear father'.H
HodgesAlfred Thomas15 Jan 1899188613Son of Alfred and Julia Hodges.H
HodgesJulia27 Mar 1938185781Spouse of Alfred Hodges, mother of Alfred Thomas Hodges. 'our dear mother'.H
HumphreysLucy Lily Patterson7 Nov 1901189110H
HustonFrances EmmaJan 1964ca 186896Presumed wife of James Huston, and g'mother of 2 Tindal SB kids.hatfield7744 Jan 1964O
HustonJamesAug 1929ca 1867Brisbane62Presumed spouse of Frances Emma Huston.hatfield77512 Aug 1929O
HustonRobert17 Mar 1882ca 1841IrelandDrowned Theresa Creek42Presumed to be father of James Huston.hschild7797 Jun 1883O
HutchinsonRichard Charles22 Mar 19271876Wangaratta, VIC51hatfield43223 Mar 1927O
HydkHerbertJan 1926abt 1851England757 Jan 1926
JamesGeorge WilliamSep 1972abt 18819130 Sep 1972
JamesLillian MayMay 1928ca 1886Clermont422 May 1928
JamesMargaret E.M.22 Aug 192214 Aug 1922'Our sister'.
JansenChristine Irvine29 Mar 1932188052H
JansenRossana8 May 1913183578'erected by loving son-in-law and daughter, Emily and J.B. Rebora.
JaquesSelina Harriet23 Jul 1868abt 18635
JohansenArthur Andrew4 Aug 1918187939Erected by relatives.
JohnstonHerbert Henry William15 Nov 188312 Oct 1882Clermont, QLD1Son of Charles and Amelia Johnston.15 Nov 1883
JonesNellie25 Jun 195018915926 Jun 1950
KeanePatrick12 Feb 19081846Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.Clermont62H
KennedyAlbert ErnestJun 1942ca 18707210 Jun 1942
KennedyClaud V.Aug 1926ca 189971 Aug 1926Child
KettleGeorge William25 May 19181829Sydney, NSWClermont89Spouse of Mary Ann Kettle. See Kettle family at Capella.hatfield182
KettleMary Ann17 Jul 19211832Clermont89Spouse of George William Kettle. See Capella data.Capella162
KilpatrickDavid1865226 Jan 1867Child
KilpatrickIsabella C.5 Aug 18961866Clermont, QLDClermont30With Emma Ann Weller.5 Aug 1896
KilpatrickJohn1 Aug 1898186038'my dear husband'1 Aug 1898H
KilpatrickJohn A.Oct 1902Clermont, QLDAge 2 months25 Dec 1902
KilpatrickThomas36His wife Isabella went on to marry Alexander Bonar McDonald.Hatfield364
KingsburyLorna Marion5 Apr 1910Jan 1905Age 5 yrs 3 mnths
KnightAnnie20 Dec 19001864England3619 May 1900
LambertCharles Henry1 Jul 18721829England43
LamontJohn AlexanderAug 18851882Clermont,QLDInfant son of James & Edith Lamont.Hschild69830 Aug 1885Child
LangleyHubert Boyd6 Jan 18735 Mar 1852London, England21
LangstonIsabel Winifred1 Sep 1921May 1917Age 4 yrs 4 mnths. With (sister?) Ruth Mary Langston.
LangstonMortimer18 Dec 191918 Feb 1843Brighton (?), Manchester76
LangstonRuth Mary12 Nov 193619279With (sister?) Isabel Winifred Landston.
LaurieJohn1 May 1909183079H
LawJames10 Oct 1938186079Husband of Mary Law. 'erected by son Gladstone Law'
LawMary24 Oct 194380Wife of James Law. 'erected by son Gladstone Law'
LawRebecca Hannah29 May 18961890Tambo, NSW6Age 6 yrs 1 mnth 16 days.30 May 1896
LawWilliam KingsleyJul 19231923Twin HillsAge 1 day5 Jul 1923Infant
LeePeaceSep 1944ca 1919Clermont, QLD25'my beloved wife and mother'8 Sep 1944
LeonardGeorge10 Nov 1918189820
LesleyAgnesEnglandPresumed to be wife of Frank, mother of Arthur.
LesleyArthurJan 1881Dec 1880ClermontAge 20 days14 Jan 1881Infant
LesleyFrank3 Feb 1900ca 1834England664 Feb 1900
LetteWinifred F.27 Jan 191724 Jan 189819With Daphne J. Bettridge.
LubbertHenrietta Elizabeth11 Jan 186925 Sep 1868Daughter of Henrietta Elizabeth Lubbert. Age 8 mnths 17 days.
LubbertHenrietta Elizabeth4 Mar 18695 Jun 1848Tasmania20Mother of Henrietta Elizabeth Lubbert (inf)
MackayEliza11 May 1871184724
MackintoshGregor Richard Reice23 Jan 1917188136
MadgeCaroline Augusta19 Aug 193513 Aug 184392Spouse of Joseph Adolph Madge. 'Father and mother'.hschild799
MadgeJoseph Adolph7 Jan 19106 May 184268Spouse of Caroline Augusta Madge. 'Father and mother'.hschild798
MadgeMaud MargaretJul 19631 Jun 1875Sandy Creek, Clermont, QLD2 Jul 196388Wife of William Henry Madge.hschild774O
MadgeWilliam HenryApr 1963ca 187192Spouse of Maud Margaret nee Edgeley.hschild76610 Apr 1963O
MainwaringHerbert GregoryMar 1930ca 1907England2331 Mar 1930O
MallyonHenrySep 1929ca 1856England7322 Sep 1929O
MansfieldJames Arthur21 Apr 1953190944
McArthurMary Theresa1 Jul 1938187860With Eliza Guerin.H
McCarthyJ.H.17 Dec 1943188756Pte. 3349 No. 4 Machine gun Battery.H
McCartneyGeorge William PhillipJun 1884abt 1882CopperfieldAge 2 yrs 3 mnths24 Jun 1884Child
McCrossanArthur30 Jun 19081829Clermont79Spouse of Margaret McCrossan.
McCrossanCharles14 Aug 1920
McCrossanMargaret16 Jan 1902184656Spouse of Arthur McCrossan.
McDonaldAlexander Bonar8 Sep 190728 Feb 1835Bonar Bridge, Scotland72Hatfield3619 Sep 1907O
McFadzenJohn HenryFeb 18981897ClermontAge 6 mnths.18 Feb 1898Infant
McIntosh (Mackintosh)JamesinaMar 1911abt 1820Scotland91With unknown husband (age 45) and son (age 56).24 Mar 1911
McKeanAdelaide Helen24 Jun 194723 Apr 1861Honolulu86Spouse of William Henry McKean. Erected by daughter 'Vera'.
McKeanWilliam Henry18 Sep 193027 Nov 1845Yass85Spouse of Adelaide Helen McKean. Erected by daughter 'Vera'.
McLeodAngusAug 18751787Scotland88May be error in dates, and next ANGUS data correct.
McLeodAngusAug 18751838Scotland37
McLeodLewis William14 Dec 186822 Mar 1868Age 8 weeks
McMasterLucy Mary AnnFeb 1874abt 1847Kent, England2718 Feb 1874
McNallyAnn6 Jan 19391858Ireland81Mother of Alice May Veitch (H21). 'our dear mother'.7 Jan 1939
MikoleitAnnie E.6 Sep 19103 Jun 185753Spouse? of George F. Mikoleit.H
MikoleitGeorge F.19 Jul 190723 Nov 185354Check dob. Spouse ? of Annie E. Mikoleit.H
MillsFlorence Elizabeth18 Aug 19711 Mar 1896Mackay, QLD75Wife of Frederick Fraser Mills, mother of Peter Hugh Fraser Mills.H
MillsFrederick Fraser28 Mar 197630 Sep 1894Longreach, QLD82Husband of Florence Elizabeth Mills, father of Peter Hugh Fraser Mills.
MillsPeter Hugh Fraser29 May 1927Jul 1922Ayr, QLDEldest son of Frederick Fraser and Florence Elizabeth Mills.30 May 1927HChild
MitchellEmily Edith21 May 18851883Rockhampton, QLD2
MolesworthWilliam E.Aug 1907abt 1885Melbourne, VIC228 Aug 1907
MuirheadAlice6 Dec 1951Wife of James Cameron Muirhead.
MuirheadGeorge H.A.21 Jun 1919187049Erected by sister M.E. Thomas.
MuirheadJames Cameron21 Apr 1916Sep 1854Age 61 years 7 mnths. Husband of Alice Muirhead.
MurphyDaniel1 Oct 1944185886
MurphyMary Emily16 Aug 1820187050
NaumannLena Rose1921188536
NeilsonAnna CatherineAug 1925abt 1842Germany8312 Aug 1925
NeilsonHenry8 Oct 1905189213Son of Margaret Neilson. 'erected by loving brothers and sisters'.H
NeilsonMargaret16 Sep 1901186437Mother of Henry Neilson. With Christine Irvine Jansen. 'our dear mother'.H
NeilsonNancy19 May 1912188428Spouse of John Neilson.H
NeilsonThomasJul 1924abt 1857Norway6712 Jul 1924
NicolRobert24 Jul 1900182773H
NiedermeyerAgnes2 Dec 1914187539Wife of A.L.K. Niedermeyer.
NiedermeyerAnna Catherine17 May 19211845Clermont,QLD76Spouse of Christian Niedermeyer.Hschild73518 May 1921
NiedermeyerChristian11 Aug 19171844GermanyClermont,QLD73Spouse of Anna Catherine Niedermeyer.Hschild73612 Aug 1917
NolanArthurJan 1887ca 1885Clermont22Age 22 months22 Jan 1887Infant
NolanMary AnnJan 1887ca 1847NSW403 Jan 1887
NolanRachelJul 18771876ClermontAge 14 mnths26 Jul 1877Child
NormanAndrew1 Sep 1914186549'also little Florrie'.H
NorthCharlesMar 1904abt 1846QLD5822 Mar 1904
NortonRichard A.F.22 Aug 1913188528
NugentAlice LucyFeb 1886Dec 1884Clermont, QLDAge 1 year 3 months. Infant daughter of Lucy Ann and George Joseph Fitzgerald Nugent.
NugentGeorge Joseph Fitzgerald7 Dec 19071844Ireland63Age on stone 63, on records 60. Husband of Lucy Ann Nugent.
NugentLucy Ann27 May 1942185884Wife of George Joseph Fitzgerald Nugent.
O'BrienCatherine17 Apr 1957189688Spouse of Thomas O'Brien.H
O'BrienHenry10 Apr 1902188220With Mary Margaret O'Brien.H
O'BrienLawrence Henry13 Apr 1915189223Son of Thomas and Catherine O'Brien.H
O'BrienMary17 Feb 1925183689With Michael O'Brien. 'our dear mother'.H
O'BrienMary Margaret24 Jul 1905187431With Henry O'Brien.H
O'BrienMichael12 May 1907182978With Mary O'Brien.H
O'BrienThomas9 Sep 1921186952Age 52 yrs 10 mnths. Spouse of Catherine O'Brien.H
O'BrienThomas Julien17 Aug 1941190546H
O'DonaghueThomas FrancisSep 1930ca 1861Sth Australia6924 Sep 1930O
O'KeefeErnestAug 18771 Aug 1877
O'ShannessyMargaret Mary (Pearl)7 Jun 19273 Feb 188938'Tragically taken. At rest with her baby son (stillborn).
OlsenMary AnnDec 1902abt 18485423 Dec 1902
OlsenOle Carl31 Jan 1919abt 189722Erected by parents, brothers and sisters.
OrmeRobert25 Dec 19051867Accidentally killed near Clermont.38'erected by loving wife'.H
PengellyWilliam J.abt 1902Clermont, QLD2325 Oct 1925
PerryVera Estelle10 Jun 1925
PetersenChristian2 Dec 1917abt 184869'Our dear brother'.
PetersenErnestOct 1876Denmark
PetersenPeter15 Oct 1920abt 187347
PlumbEliza Jane1 Mar 18981872Clermont, QLD26Wife of James Plumb.2 Mar 1898
PohlFranziska16 Mar 1902184854Spouse of W. Pohl.H
PullarClara Matilda21 Aug 196119 Mar 1880Clermont,QLDClermont,QLD81Nee Lamont. Wife of Gordon Cumming Pullar.Hschild68824 Feb 1961
PullarEdith VioletMar 19081905Clermont,QLDClermont,QLD3Daughter of Gordon & Clara Pullar.Hschild7025 Mar 1908Child
PullarGordon Cumming28 Feb 193417 May 1864Reuaben,near Denbigh,WalesClermont,QLD69Spouse of Clara Matilda nee LamontHschild68626 Feb 1934Shopkeeper,photographer
QuinlanJohn3 Jan 1897Sep 1870Logan DownsAge 26 yrs 3 months.4 Jan 1897
QuinlanJohnJan 1897abt 1869Logan Downs284 Jan 1897
RaynerRichard Henry9 May 190510 Jan 186045'erected by his brother, W.J. Rayner'.H
ReboraEmily1 May 1940187565'my dear wife'. Spouse of J.B. Rebora.
ReidAlice22 Jul 1937185186Spouse of John Reid.H
ReidJohn11 Dec 1902185250Spouse of Alice Reid.H
RickettsEllen Brown9 Nov 1940187070'mother' Wife of Thomas Henry Ricketts. Mother of Ellen Mary Ricketts.Hschild74210 Mar 1940O
RickettsEllen Mary12 Aug 19031896Clermont, QLDClermont,QLD7Daughter of Thomas Henry Ricketts.Hschild74312 Aug 1903OChild
RickettsMary Ann24 Jul 19071836England71'mother' Presumed to be wife of Thomas Butcher Ricketts.Hschild73925 Jul 1907
RickettsThomas Butcher24 May 18941837Bristol, EnglandClermont,QLD57'my beloved husband' Presumed to be husband of Mary Ann Ricketts.Hschild74025 May 1894
RickettsThomas Henry18 May 19371870Clermont,QLDClermont,QLD67Husband of Ellen Brown Rickets. Father of Ellen Mary Ricketts. 'father'Hschild74119 May 1939O
Ringi (Ringe)Emma Amelia ConstanceFeb 19231871ClermontClermont52Nee Hauenschild. Wife of Frank Edmund Ringe.Hschild1428 Feb 1923H,O
Ringi (Ringe)Franz (Frank) EdmundMar 19261864Toowoomba,QLDClermont62Spouse of Emma Amelia Ringe (nee Hauenschild).Hschild206 Mar 1926H
Rogers-HarrisonEmma Charlotte25 Sep 1885Dec 1881Clermont, QLDAge 3 yrs 10 mnths. Youngest daughter of HB and AL Rogers-Harrison.
RolfeGeorginaJun 1880abt 1848London, UK3212 Jun 1880
RostronThomas ButterworthMay 1926abt 1895NSW3114 May 1926
RoweEllenJun 1882abt 18542630 Jun 1882
RoweJohn27 Dec 18971838Ireland59Age 59 years and 2 mnths and 5 days.
RoweLouisa25 Feb 1912Mar 1845Wales66Age 66 and 11 months. 'our dear mother'26 Feb 1912
RussellJohn McLean16 Apr 1906Aug 1901Age 4 yrs 8 mnths. Son of James and Isabella Russell.H
RussellSamuelFeb 1929ca 1844Scotland854 Feb 1929
SadlerWilliamAug 1925abt 1849NSW761 Aug 1925
SalmondEmma20 Aug 19331876Charlton, Yorkshire, England57Spouse of Michael Salmond.
SambrooksFrederickOct 1925abt 1851London74Presumed to be grandfather of Casey children Kevin Stephen etc. (in same grave)12 Oct 1925
SandsAlfred ThomasNov 1930ca 1911Longreach192 Nov 1930O
SaundersLeonora Georgina6 May 1917nee Diamond. 'loving family'.
ScharfE. Rosalie29 Jun 18951887ClermontClermont8Jun 1895OChild
ScharfHarry7 Feb 1926188838Husband of Minna Scharf. 'Our dear parents'.
ScharfHarry Franz13 Apr 18961892ClermontClermont413 Apr 1896OChild
ScharfMinna6 Jun 1925189134Wife of Harry Scharf. 'Our dear parents'.
ScharfOtto Paul Jaster29 Mar 18961892ClermontClermont431 Mar 1896OChild
SchofieldEdwardOct 1925abt 1843NSW8230 Oct 1925
SchonElsie MabelMar 18911890ClermontAge 5 wks4 Mar 1891Infant
SchonWilliam AndrewOct 1877Sep 1877ClermontAge 6 wks26 Oct 1877Infant
ScottEmilyJan 1931ca 1844England87Wife of James Scott.19 Jan 1931Wife
ScottJames14 Oct 19281 Nov 1841England87Husband of Emily Scott.15 Oct 1928H
ScottWilliam Thomas2 Jan 1902Aug 1902Age 4 mnths. Son of Frank William and Ellen Scott.H
ShawHarold (Harry)Jul 1925abt 1922Clermont219 Jul 1925Child
ShearsPhillipMay 18731873Age 6 days28 May 1873Infant
ShieldMaryabt 18384323 Sep 1881
SimminsRichard ButlerMay 1906abt 1866Scotland40M.A., M.B., Edinburgh. 'erected by loving friends'22 May 1906
SmithGeorgeOct 1930ca 1880England505 Oct 1930O
SmithRobertJun 1879ca 1844Kirkaldy, Scotland35Late manager for R. B. Ronald, Elderslie Station, VIC6 Jun 1879
SmithSarah1 May 1907184265'erected by loving husband and children'.H
SmithThomasMay 1925ca 1850India751 Jun 1925O
SouthgateCharles WilliamJun 1897abt 1893Clermont43 Jun 1897Child
SouthgateEdward CharlesJun 19031903ClermontAge 3 wks23 Jun 1903
Sporer (umlaut over o)Elizabeth26 Aug 1877Jun 183938Age 38 yrs 3 mnths 2 days
StaggDorothyJan 1930ca 19171315 Jan 1930OChild
StaggWilliam JohnNov 1913ca 1872Clermont4128 Nov 1913O
StuartF.H.G.Oct 1903abt 18752821 Oct 1903
SuttonBridgetApr 1923ca 1845Ireland78Presumed wife of James Suttonhatfield7723 Apr 1923O
SuttonJamesJul 1922ca 1840England82Presumed spouse of Bridget SuttonHatfield77316 Jul 1922O
TaylorFredrickJan 1926ca 1867England5920 Jan 1926
ThompsonJames8 May 1901184754'erected by loving wife and daughters'.H
TierneyTorrence Thomas11 Mar 191919145
Tin Foo(1)Apr 18971822ChinaClermont,QLD75Wife and family still alive 1916 flood.Hschild73016 Apr 1897Storekeeper
Tin Foo(2)Oct 19061843ChinaClermont,QLD63Clearly son of original Tin Foo. Presumed spouse of Mary Ann Tin Foo.Hschild73210 Oct 1906Storekeeper
Tin FooAlbert EverdenApr 19631884Clermont,QLD79Presumed son of Tin Foo (2)Hschild7339 Apr 1963
Tin FooLydia EmmaSep 19591875Clermont,QLD84Daughter of Tin Foo (2) and wife Mary Ann Tin Foo.Hschild7295 Sep 1959
Tin FooMary AnnMar 19221852Clermont,QLD70Presumed wife of Ton Foo (2). May have been an Everden.Hschild73421 Mar 1922
TindaleCharles D.Feb 1933Feb 1933Clermont; SBClermontPresumed to be grandchild of James and Frances Huston, as buried with Frances.hatfield77813 Feb 1933OSB Infant
TindaleCharles DudleyFeb 1981ca 190576Presumed spouse of Isabel Mary TindaleHschild6918 Feb 1981O
TindaleIsabel MayJun 1975ca 190471Presumed wife of Charles Dudley TindaleHschild6823 Jun 1975O
TolsonJamesMay 1931ca 1871Ireland6025 May 1931
TongFat1855China42Burial records only18 Dec 1897
ToombsEmma6 Aug 19001865England467 Aug 1900
TrembathWilliamSep 1929ca 1892Herberton, QLD3730 Sep 1929O
VeitchAlice May8 Jul 1955189560'our dear sister'. Presumed to be nee McNally.13 Jul 1955
WallAnnie V.13 Feb 1902abt 187329Wife of David Wall. 'loving sons'
WallDavidDec 1927abt 1863Ireland64Husband of Annie V. Wall. 'Loving sons'30 Dec 1927
WalshJamesOct 1897abt 1861NSW364 Oct 1897
WalshSidney J.23 Apr 18931869Clermont24Died of injuries received in the Gallery disaster at the Clermont Town Hall. 'erected by loving mother and sister'.
WarrenSarah31 Jan 19311859England72
WeekesAnn Orr4 Jul 1900182872Spouse of William Weekes. With Wilhelmina Cricks (daughter?).H
WellerArthurSep 1913ca 1825England88hatfield78228 Sep 1913O
WellerEmma Ann23 Dec 19031858TasmaniaSunny Plains45With Isabella C. Kilpatrick.23 Dec 1903
WellerMary Elizabeth15 Apr 19061830Tasmania76
WellesleyGeorge C.20 Jan 188516 Jan 1855England274th son of the late Hon. H.R. Wellesley.21 Jan 1885
WestonJohn18 Feb 1915183877Spouse of Maria Weston. 'Our parents are gone...'.
WestonMaria18 Mar 191313 Apr 184370Spouse of John Weston. 'Our parents are gone...'.
WheelerThomas James1 Mar 1928186365With Hepsebeth Avery.H
WhiteMalcolm WoodfordOct 1928ca 1880England4810 Oct 1928
WicksCatherineDec 1907abt 1902Clermont514 Dec 1907Child
WicksJohnDec 1916Clermont30 Dec 1916
WicksRolandDec 1877abt 1838391 Jan 1877
WidtEileen E.Age 5 mnths. G'daughter of H.E. and A.J. Henderson.
WilleyThomas Henry18 Feb 19171871Accident in mine46Accidentally killed, Newxastle Colliery, Blair Athol. 'Erected by wife and children'.
WilliamsAlbert John29 Mar 1897Aug 1895Clermont, QLDAge 1 yr 7 mnths. Only son of Margarite and Alsop Williams.
WilliamsJohn1 Apr 1915188926'our beloved son'.
WilsonWilliam29 Oct 1918187345
WinterJohn10 Jun 1872abt 182547
WoodlandCharles ('Vic')4 Feb 1928abt 186266'our father. 'Tory, Chas and Darcy'Feb 1928
WoulfeLudwig Wilhelm JuliusJun 1930ca 1850Germany8013 Jun 1930O
YoungCaroline Helena28 Dec 18161916 floodsWith spouse Frederick John Young. Both lost in floods.
YoungFrederick John28 Dec 19161916 floodsWith spouse Caroline Helena Young. Both lost in floods.
ZwarHermannNov 1903abt 1874Sth AustraliaClermont29M.B., Ch.B., Surgeon Clermont Hosp. 1902 - 1903.19 Nov 1903Surgeon