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In the Goldfields of Western Australia

Boulder, Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie make up the three main townships in the Goldfields of Western Australia, although Boulder and Kalgoorlie are Siamese Twins of a kind loosely defined as a city, while Coolgardie stands 27 Km back towards Perth.

The whole area lacks water, and the ground water is about nine times as salty as the ocean. When first settled, Kalgoorlie was supplied by means of distillation boilers that needed wood for fuel, which meant that very soon the place was a dust bowl. To overcome this a pipeline was laid all the way back to Perth, about 600 Km in all, and even today the city water flows down those same pipes but in the hundred years or so since first settlement the trees have had a chance to regrow and today are accelerating that growth as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is converted to carbon and oxygen.

The Boulder cemetery is a little way out of town on the Kambalda road, just after the enormous roundabout. It is moderately large and surprisingly leafy although the ground is the same harsh red that greeted those first pioneers.


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  Surname: Adam
First names: Harold Robert (Adie) Born: abt 1928 At: Died: 4 Mar 1937 At: Accidentally drowned Age: 9 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments: 'Not just today, but every day in silence we remember'.
  Surname: Allen
First names: William Born: abt 1928 At: Died: 26 Oct 1916 At: Age: 3 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments: 'Dearly beloved son of William & J.H. Allen'.
  Surname: Andersen
First names: Edward Born: ca 1874 At: Died: 24 Mar 1915 At: Age: 41 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments: 'My dear husband and Dada'. Erected by his loving wife and son.
  Surname: Anderson
First names: Charles Born: 1901 At: Died: 1988 At: Age: 87 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments:
  Surname: Judge
First names: Robert R. Born: abt 1884 At: Died: 2 Mar 1929 At: Age: 45 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments:
  Surname: Kellow
First names: Mary Maria Born: abt 1912 At: Died: 16 Jan 1913 At: Age: 1 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments:
  Surname: Strongman
First names: Emily Born: abt 1858 At: Died: 23 Mar 1909 At: Age: 51 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments:
  Surname: Toy
First names: Redvers Robert Born: Jan 1900 At: Died: 24 Jun 1914 At: Age: 14 Buried: Boulder cemetery, WA Comments: Beloved youngest son of William H. & Mary Toy.