Books and Myra's Place

As you may have discovered already there is a Books menu on the MOP database. That listing records many of the publications we have and use for research purposes and some were produced by individuals who are long gone now. What they leave behind is extremely valuable but in most cases languish in secondhand shops where their relevance is not immediately recognised.

For this reason a number of the books that have no copyright source to follow up are being scanned and loaded on MOP in PDF form. This means that a wider audience can access them.

Other listings

In addition to the books there are people tracer listings that do not show on the standard menu access to MOP or are included as an excel file, depending on how much of the original has been transcribed. Basically these listings are records of where a person or place appear in the book; If you find *Peter Townsend* listed with *Pages 2,34,203* it means a mention of the name occurs on those pages. In addition you may find blocks of explanatory [text] in the transcribed book or booklet that are intended to shed light on some term.


At this point we have not entered the records in the PERSON database that exists on MOP but if someone out there has the time and interest please feel free to email Myra. Perhaps you too have some ancient writings tucked away and you now have time to work on them. If so, we can qualify access to the otherwise unseen elements of the MOP database and let you get to work!